LCD Screens

  Dekka123 21:00 05 Apr 2003

Could someone please tell me what advantages if any the LCD Screen offers over the normal monitor and are there any problems in connecting them or is it just a matter of swapping the monitors over. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks

  Migwell 21:12 05 Apr 2003

Bought one last June and never looked back.
It uses less power
It can stand in front of me on my desk without taking up very much space, before the monitor had to stand on the corner of my desk as it took up so much room I had very little space left if I stood it straight in front of me and found it dificult to do any paperwork on the remaining space.
It looks far better than the CRT monitor
It gives out no rediation unlike the CRT monitor.
Need I say more.

  AndySD 21:12 05 Apr 2003

Advantages.... ummm saves space... thats about it.

Just swap it over and install the drivers...

  CPU Temperature Too High 23:34 05 Apr 2003

One thing to note, if u are a gamer, then u should stick with CRT monitors. This is because LCD displays look rubbish when playing games with high Frame rates or something like that. This is a fact, warning for extreme gamists.

  Dekka123 00:45 06 Apr 2003

Thanks very much everybody, dont do any gaming so I think I will buy one. Thanks again

  Kyomii 03:34 06 Apr 2003

>>>because LCD displays look rubbish when playing games with high Frame rates or something like that<<<

The modern TFT monitors handle gaming at high resolutions very well - a couple of years or so ago it was a different story, but the technology has advanced so much now there is no problem.

Also, "high resolutions" are not as big an issue with TFTs due to the advanced technology - refresh rates also are not an issue like they are with CRT.

>>>Advantages.... ummm saves space... thats about it<<<

Well, not necessarily - a TFT uses far less power (about a quarter of a standard CRT) so certainly saves on electricity.

A a very important benefit is that TFT does not have the radiation that CRTs have as pointed out -and therefore is better for health.

They look much better and are kinder on the eyes -if you suffer from headaches, a TFT is beneficial.

  KrySTaL-KoDE 10:53 06 Apr 2003

Eh? LCD monitors today handle games COMPLETELY well. Incredible resolutions, crisp frame rates, what can you get?

It's no harder to install an LCD monitor than to install a CRT.

Also, there's no "refresh rate" for the LCD screen, so it saves a lot of eye-strain. It takes up less space. It uses less energy. It's very clear and sharp. It looks cool. I'm married to it.

One day CRT monitors will die.

  Rayuk 11:18 06 Apr 2003

For gaming just look for lcd with lowest response times there are a few out now with 16ms response times Hitachi174 NEC 1760 and Benq have a look click here
This is just for info best looking around for best prices

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