LCD or Plasma

  chaztait 21:28 17 Oct 2007

Hey i know this is a pc forum, but im guessing someone will know what is better anyway. I have been reading up on tv's and planning on getting one in the sales. But i dont know what to get. There are more LCD's with 1080p than there are plasmas. Plasmas have amore glare effect. And LCD's aint as good for watchin football ect.

I am going to buy a PS3 so i dont know if there is a big difference between 720p and 1080p.

Does anyone know what im talking about, can can tell me more in this subject?



  umbongo(uk) 23:51 17 Oct 2007

here,s a guide

click here

but like it says at the bottom lcds are getting better each time also there,s a new type of lcd on its way

having watch my sisters 32inch lcd telly i saw very little diffrence to my mates 42 inch plasma (i watched both from an ordinary viewing distance not sat right in front like the sales room do)so
if i were you get the buggers to plug it in and demo it before you buy

also dont forget to stand back to a point were you would normaly view it from if you were at home. many people stand too close when making a decision

  Quiet Life 17:00 18 Oct 2007

Interesting link but failed to point out the fact that plasma sets use very much more electricity than lcd . Compare the wattage and see that the plasma are very much more expensive to operate.

  Stuartli 17:05 18 Oct 2007

Until comparatively recently, plasma sets were regarded as providing the best large screen displays.

However, LCD models have been catching up rapidly, along with the available screen sizes.

  umbongo(uk) 23:15 18 Oct 2007

here,s the wattage list dont forget size eqauls wattage as the larger the unit either lcd or plasma
still use near enough the same power and according to this guide both the 60 n above use over 583 with the palsma using less
click here
good components in side either will lower this as its usualy the cheaper made ones tht are less efficent no matter the type of set

  2neat 23:33 18 Oct 2007

bit silly about plasma being much more expensive to run! Try running Sky for a few years ;-)
I too have been reading up on plasma v LCD. From what information I have gathered plasma wins. The latest plasma TV's in the £1500 range are stunning. You will find them superb for gaming with no blur. Loads on the subject if you google.
Here's one for a start click here

  Quiet Life 00:04 19 Oct 2007

Power consumption

Plasma TVs use more power then LCD

Based on our test results a 42-inch plasma TV typically uses 277 watts when switched on, compared to an 180 watt average for the 40-46-inch LCD category. That's 50 per cent less energy than plasma.
50% saving in this green age seems worthwhile!
The above is from a Which report.

  2neat 00:14 19 Oct 2007

Plasma TVs use more power than their LCD rivals.

The reality is that plasma TVs don’t necessarily use any more power than LCDs – a fact which makes perfect sense if you think about how each technology works.

Plasma TVs, for instance, require just a single ignition of a plasma cell to cause a pixel to illuminate. Since darkness is achieved in plasma pixels by stopping electrical current getting into them, it follows that plasma TVs need relatively little power to reproduce dark scenes.

LCDs by comparison run at a constant power regardless of whether a scene is dark or light, due to their use of an always-on backlight.

Results from an independent research conducted by the AVT.O.P. Messetechnik laboratory in Germany, showed that plasmas tend to use the same – and sometimes less – amounts of power than LCD screens.
Lifted from link I provided!

  donki 00:17 19 Oct 2007

The general rule..... so I thought, anything over a 32 inch you should tend towards a Plasma, below get an LCD. We have a 1080 Samsung LCD in the living room and its sweet, specially on 360 with HD drive!

  umbongo(uk) 00:55 19 Oct 2007

lol chaztait
get which evers cheapest looks half decent and wont leave u in poverty

as none of todays are as bad as when they first came out costing £1000 for a 19" version

  Quiet Life 14:34 19 Oct 2007

You better advise the "silly" tory party of your submissions on plasma tv's electricity consumption as they recently announced at their conference that they intend to "phase out energy-intensive plasma TVs and standby-buttons"
They clearly do not live in your real world.

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