LCD Monitors advice

  Tattooeddude 14:53 20 Jul 2003

I have just finished building a pc for games. Now all I need to do is buy a monitor. Are LCD monitors any good for gaming?
This is the monitor I was thing about buying
click here

Thanks in advance

  Rayuk 15:04 20 Jul 2003

For gaming you need a response time of 25 minumum.This one has a 30ms response time click here

Here is one such example Benq 15"
click here

  Djohn 15:05 20 Jul 2003

Nice looking monitor, Yes, they are good for gaming, but some will still prefer a CRT for games.

TFTs are literally getting better by the day, I have a 17" AOC TFT, only play the odd game now and then, but the display is perfect. I watch a lot of DVD movies on my PC because of the surround sound system I have.

The picture quality is as good, [Even better in the day, no reflections on screen] as when watched on my Sony TV, new model, but only stereo sound. j.

  Tattooeddude 18:21 20 Jul 2003

I'm still not realy sure what to buy. I like the Sony TFT monitor- but I found this about them.
click here

  Rayuk 19:04 20 Jul 2003

A little more info on dead pixels
click here

  Djohn 19:04 20 Jul 2003

Unfortunately this applies to all TFT's except CTX brand, they offer a three month warranty! To be fair though, it is very few that now have this problem, some manufacturers are better than others at replacing for faulty pixels.

AOC are well known for accepting 1 dead pixel as a reason to swap out for a new monitor, Though this is not in their written terms. j.

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