LCD Monitors

  Jack-262645 11:45 22 Apr 2003

I am considering purchasing a Sharp LL-T1620, which you recommend, but wonder about your statement that it is lacking for home entertainment. I mainly use my computer for photography and watching the odd DVD, not for games. Would it be OK for my usage.

Regards. Jack Huddart

  Djohn 12:37 22 Apr 2003

While CRT monitors are still considered the best for Professional graphics work, TFT displays are not that far behind.

For home use you will find a TFT an excellent choice for Photo. work/Movies, and even games.

I have recently changed my monitor from a 19" CRT to a 17" TFT with no loss of screen display area, and found many benefits.

These range from space saving to sharpness of text/graphics. One of the contributing facts to image quality is the complete lack of reflection under all lighting conditions. TFT's have a matt finish to the screen, and because there is no "fast" refresh rate required, they are much easier to the eyes.

For the above reasons, yes. If you want the best of colour matching, and control of image contrast for professional output, then the CRT is probably still your best bet. J.

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