LCD Monitor Technology

  Newuser939 16:48 01 Jun 2008

I had a Philips LCD monitor which failed after two years. In accordance with the warranty, Philips replaced it with a new one very promptly. However, the new one does not work properly, in that blacks appear as strong flickering greens, and the only way to get rid of that is to make the image so light that there are no blacks left at all. I know nothing about LCD technology, and have naturally raised the problem with Philips. However, so that I can understand any response better, I wonder whether an inability to display blacks properly is something that can easily be corrected or whether it suggests a more fundamental fault.

  Ditch999 20:11 01 Jun 2008

There can be a number of reasons why the screen does not display properly from graphics drivers to colour profiles and filters not to mention hardware faults. If you have a Nvidia graphics card you can run a display optimisation wizard which tells you how to set up the screen and software.
Did the monitor come with a driver CD? Have you installed it?

  Stuartli 20:27 01 Jun 2008

All you need to know about LCD monitors:

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You shouldn't need a driver for a monitor as it will normally be controlled by your graphics card software or Windows Display Properties.

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