LCD Monitor question ?

  gazmix 17:04 15 Jun 2008

I recently bought (from a carboot sale, a tenner), this monitor:- click here

I see it a discontinued model, but i was wondering how old it may be & a fiew things about the setup!

1. It says signal 1 or 2, is this so it can be used with 2 differently set up pc's.

2. In Screen Manager, it says power manager (do i need to do anything with this?) & in color manager it says 'temperature'(what is this)?

Also, the AUTO button gives me a warning, i expect this means it will be reset to its default settings?

Worth a tenner?, wonder how much they were brand new?

Just wondering if anything i may need to alter on it so it works ok with my pc & as i had an old del monitor previous.
I did have to right click on desktop>properties>settings & increase the pixels to make it look more tight!!


  Fingees 17:14 15 Jun 2008

Temperature, will probably mean colour temperature.

ie, warm or cold settings (red/ blue) according to your preference.

  eedcam 17:32 15 Jun 2008

All explained in your manual
click here

  gazmix 17:37 15 Jun 2008

Can anyone explain the 'Signal 1 -2' button, when i put it on standbye, i.e not turning the power botton off on the top, near the fan, it double bleeps & checks signals 1 & 2??


  gazmix 14:13 16 Jun 2008

My pc is a Compaq Evo D510 Small form factor!
I see when i turn the monitor on it says 'Signal Analogue' for a fiew seconds, as is said in the instructions.

I only have the 1 signal cable that i have plugged into the DVI-I socket on monitor, but was wondering how i get digital as opposed to analogue. Do i need a Digital Graphics board in my pc?
Do i need to plug the signal cable into another socket on my pc!! There's a similar socket next to where i usualy plug my monitors in or is it a different cable altogether? In the instructions it says it's a FD-C16 acable for analogue & FD-C04 for digital!!

Any help appreciated

  gazmix 08:34 17 Jun 2008


  crosstrainer 08:42 17 Jun 2008

Different cables

click here

On the left is the digital connection

On the right is the analogue.

Not sure if you Eizo (top brand by the leaders for years a while back)

Can take the cable, but the image shows you what is required....If the Eizo is analogue only, then thats what you are stuck with.

Still damn good value for a tenner!

  FatboySlim71 10:20 17 Jun 2008

My Dell monitor siganal 1 and signal 2, on mine signal 1 is analogue and signal 2 is DVI, I use DVI, but basically you will be governed to use what connection your graphics card has, some have analogue & DVI where some only have analogue.

The below link shows these two types of connection:

click here

VGA (Analogue):
click here

  gazmix 11:02 18 Jun 2008

where the monitor connects to the rear of my pc, the connection deffinately looks like the VGA connector!, there is nothing like the DVI connector on my pc!

Both sockets on my monitor look like the DVI connector sockets.

I guess this means my pc has no digital graphics card within it!
Just wondered what the other socket was, next to where the analog monitor socket is on my pc?, it is red below the one my monitor is plugged into, the other is green. Shame, i had technical layout of my pc, can't seem to find it now!!

Yeh a tenner, gets a bit warm though & can't seem to get that crispness i want.


  crosstrainer 12:10 18 Jun 2008

If you don't have a digital connector at both ends, then analouge is all you will get.

  Stuartli 16:26 18 Jun 2008

The monitor is stated, quite clearly in the specifications, to be capable of using analogue and digital inputs.

Eizo is regarded as a high end monitor manufacturer and the model you have, which dates back to the end of 2000/beginning of 2001, cost around $2,860 in the States when launched (about £1,400 in today's terms).


click here

for further details.

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