LCD monitor iffyness

  Josquius 20:14 02 Jan 2004

For christmas I recieved a 17" L-171 LCD monitor. Today I finally got around to hooking it up to my computer and it is semi-working.
I have followed the instructions in the manual to set the colour and other options however the picture is still flicking.
This is mainly to be seen in my mouse when it moves it leaves a lot of ghost images. It sometimes goes the wrong way too.
Does anyone have any idea how I would go about setting up my monitor correctly?
I have a NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4200 graphics card and am running windows xp.

  TeeJay 20:27 02 Jan 2004

Try two things:
1. Set your monitor to TFT (Update Monitor), driver should be in support cd.
2. set the refresh rate to 60, TFT's seem to be set at this refresh rate.

  Josquius 20:47 02 Jan 2004

Could refresh rate be called phase?
I did not get a CD with the monitor.

  Djohn 21:23 02 Jan 2004

Right click on your desktop, choose properties then settings, click on the advanced button, then the monitor tab.

Set your refresh rate to 60hzt, click apply, then OK. This will bring you back to the settings tab. Set your colour to 32 bit and move the slider across to show 1280x1024 click on OK.

This should set your monitor up to it's native settings. Give this a try and please post back to let us know how you get on. j.

  Josquius 22:39 02 Jan 2004

I did that and everything was already set to what you said.

  Djohn 23:45 02 Jan 2004

Is the display itself OK? nice and clear and sharp. Is it just the cursor that is leaving ghost trails on the screen?

  g0nvs 10:47 03 Jan 2004

What is the Response time of this monitor ?

  Rayuk 10:58 03 Jan 2004

Is it a Wisetech model?
If so it has a 30ms response time that may be part of the problem.

  g0nvs 11:01 03 Jan 2004

Did a search on Google and found the Response time of 30ms for this monitor. This would explain why you have mouse trails across the screen. Go for a lower Response time as you can get, certainly no more than 25ms.
I always get annoyed when I see adverts or read reviews of TFT monitors and no response times are given, but always plenty of comments about built in speaker quality.

  BrianW 12:16 03 Jan 2004

my philips 170B2 is quoted as having a response time of 40 ms but I have no problems with trails, either from my mouse or when I play DVDs / games.

Check your monitor driver, check that the graphics card drivers are the latest version and, if you have the choice, set up a DVI link rather than the analogue cable which you had for your CRT.

Also make sure that you have the monitor set to 1280/1024 which is the "native" resolution for a 17 inch LCD.

Hope this helps resolve the issue.


  Djohn 12:35 03 Jan 2004

The monitor is an analogue one and the settings are correct as verified in my post at 21:23. 30ms is fine and will not by itself produce ghosting, even in fast moving games.

Josquius has confirmed the settings at 22:39 but not yet replied to the question of cursor trails, although phase has been mentioned. The clock cycle may need adjusting from the controls on the monitor itself, but not sure yet as to which monitor it is.

Checking on the model number given, I have already found four different makes of monitor, one comes with it's own driver the others do not. Josquius has said that no CD came with the monitor.

Until we get more information I think this may be due to incorrect settings from the monitor menu rather than an actual fault, or deficiency with the monitor itself.

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