LCD monitor, DVI input & GeForce 7300 LE

  dreamer (|:-)> 22:19 08 Jan 2007

I will be buying a new monitor soon and from what I read, a DVI input would give the optimum quality of display. My graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce 7300 LE - can somebody assure that this is up to the job and a DVI cable will connect both together ok - ta. Best source of DVI cables?

  Ashrich 22:29 08 Jan 2007

Generally monitors with a DVI connection will come with a cable , most of them have DVI and D-Sub so you get a cable for both , providing the GeForce 7300 has a DVI output it will be fine , if the monitor does have both inputs you will be able to run 2 PC's into it and switch between the two .


  dreamer (|:-)> 21:12 09 Jan 2007

It seems that the Geforce 7300 has "Dual-link DVI capability to drive the industry's largest and highest resolution digital flat panel displays up to 2560x1600" which sounds all well and good - BUT my new PC does not have DVI output, only the old VGA/SVGA HD15 type.
So it seems the card is capable but the output is not available digitally - are there any options of getting a DVI quality signal to a DVI input LCD screen? I believe there are DVI-A cables with HD15 and DVI at either end - will this get the best possible digital signal to my new monitor - or analogue only?

  Ashrich 21:39 09 Jan 2007

Can't be sure as I have never used one but I would assume that as there is analogue output only then that is all it will give , I saw a DVI cable for sale in John Lewis today , probably not the cheapest place to get one but it was 40 quid odd , almost cheaper to get a new graphics card and buy a monitor with a cable provided .


  Ashrich 21:54 09 Jan 2007

Is your card a PCIe or AGP ? I have just found quite a few NVidia cards , 7300LE for less that forty pounds , click here for AGP and click here for PCIe , click on sort by price !


  dreamer (|:-)> 21:54 09 Jan 2007

Cheers Ashley - appreciate that.
Any other opinions out there?

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