LCD monitor 'dead pixels'

  freefx 17:40 03 Mar 2006

Justgot myself a 19' Yusmart 198yp LCD Monitor. Hear people talking about scanning for 'dead pixels'. How do i do that? What programs do these people use?

Thanks for any help

  leedsafc 17:45 03 Mar 2006

I haven't heard of any program that scans for dead pixels you can usually see them on screen. I think there are allowable tolerences for the manufacturers benefit. But beware "you gets wot u pay for!"

  freefx 17:53 03 Mar 2006

How do u 'see'them? Presumably have to get a white screen and look for any black spots? Qustion is how do i get a full screen in white?

  Gongoozler 18:11 03 Mar 2006

You have to find a way of persuading your computer to generate a full screen display of black or white. Most graphics utilities will do this, e.g. Irfanview click here. You put in a jpg of a blank picture and hit the "Return" key on your keyboard. You shouldn't have any dead pixels near the centre of the screen, but generally a few near the corners are considered acceptable.

  leedsafc 18:14 03 Mar 2006

You do not need a white screen "Dead pixels" can be seen in any colour black, red, green etc, if you can't see any you ain't got any!

  Pidder 18:20 03 Mar 2006

I have only one which only shows on a black area,say, at the side of a photo generated by Irfanview. It doesn't worry me.

  alB 18:36 03 Mar 2006

Just open a new blank notepad document, that'll give you a nearly full white screen, but as leedsafc quotes you will be able to see them in any colour, there'e also a test website you can go to to check...alB

click here

  alB 18:37 03 Mar 2006

there'e = there's

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