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  Dekka123 16:53 05 Feb 2005

I have a Mitac 17" LCD which is great. I keep reading about native resolution, could someone please tell me what this means.The only reference I can see regarding resolution in the manual is that the maximum is 1280 X 1024. Would that be the native. My next problem is that I am partially sighted and I use clear type as advised by this forum which I definately find helpful but because of my sight problem I am running my monitor at 800 X 600 and the clear type home page says that to get the best out of clear type I should be using the native resolution. Sorry I am being long winded, I am running Windows XP Pro. Will the fact that I am only running the monitor on 800 X 600 have any adverse effect on it. Thanks very much in advance.

  FelixTCat 18:21 05 Feb 2005

Every LCD monitor screen is made up of rows and columns of transistors. The native resolution of the screen is when the resolution set by the graphics card (eg 1280x1024) equals the number of transistors. For different graphics card resolutions, eg 800x600, the electronics has to fiddle the screen so that 800 pixels have to map to 1280 transistors across and 600 pixels to 1024 transistors down. The result is that the display is slightly distorted and sometimes slightly fuzzy. Running the graphics card at the screen's native resolution gives the sharpest picturs.

It does the monitor no harm to run at a non-native resolution.

Clear Type is a way of making the fonts look sharper. That is why it recommends starting from the sharpest resolution, the native resolution.

Use whatever resolution is best for you - it will not damage the monitor. And if Clear Type makes like better, then use it.

  Dekka123 18:41 05 Feb 2005

Thanks very much for your advice Felix T Cat. I was worried that I was harming my monitor running at 800 X 600. Thanks again. Once again this forum has come up trumps for me.

  FelixTCat 18:47 05 Feb 2005

You're very welcome. Enjoy your computing.

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