LCD and Graphics card requirements

  Binnacle 14:16 07 Apr 2008

My graphics card is a GeForce 5600 fx 128mb. I cannot seem to find information to tell me if this card is sufficient to run a 22inch LCD at 1680/1050 resolution. I want to buy the LG L226WTQ. Will the card be ok or will I need a new one ?

  Ditch999 14:46 07 Apr 2008

Should work fine. Max supported 2048 x 1536 click here Just make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

  keef66 14:52 07 Apr 2008

You probably won't see that resolution as an option until you hook up your new monitor and install any drivers it requires.

  Binnacle 15:05 07 Apr 2008

Just the help I needed . Now off to Novatech to order one. Thanks

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