SANAP 19:54 18 Sep 2006

My 2nd hand dell p790 has developed a fault, no picture and a sparking sound from rear when I switch on, I like CRT's but they must be flat screen, I know they are old so my Q is what is the best lcd for text and then games to get?

I read loads of newspapers, books, noticeboards etc so like a nice crisp picture.

I have no chance of seeing a lcd screen in action.



  woodchip 20:04 18 Sep 2006

Samsung do some good ones. click here

  jack 20:04 18 Sep 2006

Following PCA review in March issue I chose
Phillips 190X6 I was not disappointed,

  ed-0 20:06 18 Sep 2006

Can't help on the monitor, most seem fine to me, but it may be worth running clear type click here when you get one.

It just may help a smiggen.;-)

  woodchip 20:09 18 Sep 2006

It will not be like a Crt. but takes up less room. Watch out for screen burn, do not leave for any length of time with fixed picture, turn the monitor off if you are doing nothing on it

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:18 18 Sep 2006

I have a Samsung SyncMaster 930BF, an earlier version of click here
It should be exactly what you are looking for as it displays crisp clear text and is good for gaming. I play fast moving motor racing games like Toca Race Driver 3 and ghosting is conspicuous by its absence.

  hssutton 20:23 18 Sep 2006

My recommendation would be the Formac Gallery Xtreme 2010 20.1" TFT 8ms 700:1 (1600x1200) (DVI) Monitor, fabulous monitor. I use it for Photoshop CS2, couldn't wish for anything better. As I never play games I cannot comment in this area.

  Ashrich 20:29 18 Sep 2006

If your graphics card supports it , go for a monitor with DVI input , it makes a hell of a difference and have a little play around with the display fonts , although that will only affect Windows , not what you see on the web .


  SANAP 23:43 18 Sep 2006

thanks all, plenty of food for thought, that dvi point and screen burn very useful.

its going to be a toss up with all the versions.


  Stuartli 23:52 18 Sep 2006

The majority of LCD monitors will provide excellent text displays - what you need to look for is response times.

Most modern monitors of this type will provide at least 12ms response times and some are down to 8, 4 and even 2ms such as:

click here

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