Layout tables in Firefox??

  fourjays 00:20 25 Dec 2004

I am creating my new website in Frontpage, and designing it to work in Firefox and IE. However, while not a big problem, I am having troubles with the layout tables. (see click here)
In Firefox, a large gap has been added to the bottom of the main layout cell (see the bottom of the page). How can I get rid of this in Firefox?

It appears perfectly in IE, and I have tried every possible option I can think of. Any ideas that don't use php coding, ssi or anything too hard?

  Taran 00:36 25 Dec 2004

Go to line 675 where it reads:

<td height="1136"></td>

Remove the bit that says:


You should be left with:


Save and test the document.

Job done.

And no PHP or SSI in sight...

Try to steer well away from fixed table height. Widths you can get away with, but if you want to assign a height value you should assign it to a cell within the table, not to the table itself.

Merry Christmas.


  Taran 00:40 25 Dec 2004

That line number may not correspond to your original document. That is what it was when I opened the page from within Internet Explorer into FrontPage, but I've just checked in Firefox and when viewing the source of your original page within Firefox it is line number 679.

The value you need to delete though, is the only instance of it in the entire document and so if you use the Edit, Find function in FrontPage or any other editor and search for 1136, that's what you need to get rid of.


  fourjays 10:21 25 Dec 2004

That worked perfectly. I don't think I set it as a fixed height, so I assume it is something Frontpage does by itself. :D Merry Christmas.

  Taran 10:39 25 Dec 2004

FrontPage can and does sometimes insert values to your tables, but usually this is in response to certain content you put into the table or a cell, or if you draw the table out at specific dimensions.

Cells are OK to add locked sizes to but if you must give a fixed dimension to your table, make sure you stick to width only and control the height by assigning that value to a cell within the table.

It's good practice to do it that way for a number of reasons and FrontPage isn't the only WYSIWYG program that lets you do what you shouldn't. Dreamweaver also lets you do it, and so does Adobe GoLive, among others.

One of the shortfalls of most WYSIWYG editors is that they don't prevent mistakes from being built in and most of them assign values at some stage that should really be held elsewhere in a page. In fact, out of all the WYSIWYG editors, FrontPage has about the fewest 'quirks' along those lines - Dreamweaver sometimes comes up wth some spectacular errors.

Who'd be a web designer ?


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