Lavasoft's Adaaware 2008 trouble

  Cesare 16:20 24 May 2008

I uninstalled my Adaware 2007 free and installed 2008 free which I downloaded from Filehippo, and I got a window saying ERROR ...etc; So I uninstalled it and re-installed my previous 2007 which said installation successful BUT when I click to activate it, windows could not find the file. Finally uninstalled it too. So I think that I will stay without Lavasoft UFN.

  BT 16:36 24 May 2008

Mine just installed over the old one.

  crosstrainer 16:41 24 May 2008

Many are having problems with 2008. I am sticking with 2007 for now.

If you have Ccleaner, run the registry cleaner and look for issues related to adaware and remove them. Then try installing 2007 again.

click here

ccleaner can be downloaded (free) from the above link.

  Cesare 16:49 24 May 2008

I managed to download and install another file 2007 from Filehippo and installed it. It seems to be working OK now. I will stick to 2007 and avoid further trouble. I have cCleaner TKS.

  Cesare 09:04 25 May 2008

Since I installed Adaware 2007 when I ask for UPDATE I get this:- SSL download failed. Suggested action; Run Webupdate. On the Webupdate page I get the note that Adaware 2008 is now available. Download here. But I do not want to download 2008 as it found ERROR & failed to work yesterday. I wonder whether they have stopped issuing Defenition updates for 2007.

  cocteau48 09:40 25 May 2008

Have you tried to manually download the latest update
click here
once downloaded drag and drop it into
Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Lavasoft/Adaware - and let it replace the existing core.aawdef file.
It may be worth a try.

  Technotiger 09:42 25 May 2008

I just can't understand why so many people are having so many problems with so few programs - Ad-Aware 2008 and AVG8!

My PC is not something special, mostly the same as everybody else's PC's, so why don't I have all these problems?

There are plenty of free programs out there, aimed at keeping your computers running at best possible efficiency. You don't need to have/run them all, but for instance apart from the normal AVG, Ad-Aware, Firewall stuff I run, on a daily basis, Glary Utilities and TuneUp Utilities 2008 (1-click maintenance) to keep the wheels oiled.

A lot of the problems seem to be involving un-installing and installing programs, where so often, remnants of unwanted programs remain - I don't have that problem either because I use Revo Un-installer as my first choice.

Added to the above I like to think that my Surfing habits are also on-the-ball, carefully avoiding anything I think is, or may be dodgy. The same with my emails - Never, I repeat Never open unknown/unexpected emails, curiosity killed-the-cat, remember that!

Acronis True Image - I have it but have never actually needed it - need I say more.

Enjoy your computing - I do!!

  Cesare 10:56 25 May 2008

cockteau 48 I have Adaware 2007 & the definition that it offers for Download is for 2008.
Technotiger.... I was like you until I tried to update to Adaware 2008. I had no problem with AVG8. Although I have Revo uninstaller, I have never used it but will give it a try next time.. Tks for the info.

  cocteau48 11:00 25 May 2008

I have never had a problem with Ad-Aware until I downloaded the 2008 version - which started to freeze part of the way through the scan.
I logged on to the Lavsoft forum where many,many were having the same problem. Lavasoft accepted it was a bug and issued an update a few nights ago which cured my freezing issues but there are still a lot for whom it has not cured it.
If you recall the final issue of 2007 caused a lot of problems for a lot of people till they got the bugs out of it.
Interestingly in my attempts to start again with a clean slate I used Revouninstaller to remove the 2008 version - I then ran a registry search with RegSeeker and it still found over 20 Lavasoft items - and that was after the Revo uninstall!

I totally agree with you about Acronis but I use it all the time as a tool - not just insurance.
When for example I tried the first beta version of SP3 and decided to remove it I used Acronis just to wind the clock back to the day before (it is set to automatically save a new image every day) and it was as if SP3 had never been on the system.

I recently ,having my normal working image saved onto my ext HD, did a factory reinstall of my OS adding SP3 a firewall and an AV program - plus Acronis and saved that to my ext HD before recovering my normal workaday image. It means that if I wish I can pull back,in about 20 minutes,a completely clean working OS all ready to go - even just to use as a test bed if necessary.

  cocteau48 11:05 25 May 2008

I would still give it a try.
Save the existing core.aawdef file before you let the 2008 one overwrite it - it if does not work just overwrite it with the saved copy.

  cocteau48 11:30 25 May 2008

I did post a query on the Lavasoft forum as to what the actual difference is between the 2007 and 2008 Free versions - since the extended AV engine in the new 2008 version is only available to those with the "paid for" copy of Ad-Aware.
Interestingly my query appears to have been "avoided"

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