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  gazmania 21:59 25 Apr 2003

I have automatic windows updates enabled (guess I'm a sucker). Just been notified of 2 new updates available; numbers 813489 & 330994. The last update slowed my machine right down. I uninstalled it after reading advice from this forum. Has anyone tried loading these latest two? Your feedback would be appreciated.

  Bebee 22:12 25 Apr 2003

I downloaded both today. I haven't noticed any difference in speed or any other problems. Previous updates haven't caused a problem either.

I think sometimes it can be issues with other programs loaded that can cause a problem, so the effect could be different on different systems.

  rev.bem 23:28 25 Apr 2003

Downloaded both yesterday no probs!

  Andsome 08:50 26 Apr 2003

No problems at all with these downloads, or any others

  gudda96 09:34 26 Apr 2003

How and when should I know to go for windows updates and some people give warnings about some updates that should be ignored.

I use W98SE

Any advice would be great so thanks in anticipation.

  gazmania 22:36 26 Apr 2003

I guess just check out this help forum.

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