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  barrie_g 17:39 13 Jun 2003

Is it just me or have they left out the most common answer, "Dont read the Licence Agreement"

  Jester2K II 17:41 13 Jun 2003

Or would "Running Pirate Version - don't care" be a more popular answer??

  -pops- 17:42 13 Jun 2003
  barrie_g 17:54 13 Jun 2003

sorry if I trod on your toes -pops- I did check the consumerwatch before posting but I thought that a thread of this type would have been near the top and did not bother to look very far down the list.

  Jester2K II 17:54 13 Jun 2003

Heres another problem. Ever noticed the EULA is INSIDE the sealed box??
You have to break a seal to open the box to read the EULA but by breaking the seal you agree to the EULA which you haven't read yet!!! If you break the seal you can't return the software for refund if you don't agree to the EULA!!!!!

  Mysticnas 18:16 13 Jun 2003


  -pops- 20:09 13 Jun 2003

No problem, barrie_g, feet in good order!

Just thought there was no point in having two similar threads.


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