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  Gerrycan 21:35 06 May 2003

What a ridiculous idea, lets just legalise hacking and virus spreading,Its on the same lines

  Pesala 21:44 06 May 2003

It must be difficult to come up with new ideas for polls, but this one gets my vote for the worst idea I have seen yet on PCA.

  Djohn 21:44 06 May 2003

I agree with you, but the strange thing is, at this moment there are 14 people whom think that Record labels should have this right! :o(

  hugh-265156 21:49 06 May 2003

i dont really care much as i dont download illegal copies of music movies or otherwise.

  Gerrycan 21:52 06 May 2003

yes they are probably "virgin -emi-hmv-polydore-rca -colombia etc etc etc (LOL)

  Gerrycan 21:57 06 May 2003

Yes you probably dont download illeagle,(good for you,) but thats only the thin end of the wedge,would you like to endorse compleate spyware on all web sites,

  jeez 21:58 06 May 2003

the vote is irrelevant- shame on pca for even thinking of this one! it's illegal - simple as that, called computer crime and ceo's would be substituting their mansions for prison cells..

maybe next vote will be - are civilians entitled to hack government computers?

  jeez 01:24 07 May 2003

yup-checked-defiantely illegal

  hugh-265156 01:46 07 May 2003

thing is if your not doing anything illegal yourself why worry.

  crx1600 01:47 07 May 2003

click here click here

theres been 2 threads already.this isnt PCA's idea its actually being contemplated by the music biz.

  Megatyte 02:03 07 May 2003

"thing is if your not doing anything illegal yourself why worry."

Thing is this is just the thin end of the wedge. We already have e-mails monitored. Big brother is here and you are encouraging him. IMOH e-mails should carry the same protection as Royal Mail, but I often wonder how secure that is.


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