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  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 20:35 08 Apr 2003

Out of 115 people, 48.3% of the voters are still wary of upgrading to XP due to compatibility issues (at the time of posting).

Is this due to "Older" kit, or that they feel that XP still has "Other issues".

I am just really curious, as an XP Pro user on the Desktop and XP Home on the Laptop, I think it is the best thing since sliced dinosaur steaks!!

A couple of freinds who are still running 98SE phone me on a regular basis for advice and I can honestly say that the problems they are experiencing would not be happening with XP - I know as one has my old system - Gigabyte GA7DXR mobo with Athlon 1.4, etc etc...

So what is really stopping the upgrade?

  allstar 20:42 08 Apr 2003

maybe the feeling of being told you cant upgrade your pc, maybe the cost, maybe job insecurity, maybe because MS charge a lot of money for products which are then rebadged and re-released every couple of years with a different name and a couple of new features.

We'll never get a definitive answer as there are too many users. I suspect that the majority f users are happy with their Win98 machines and will only upgrade when they are forced to.

anyway, thats my tuppence worth.

  billyliv 20:49 08 Apr 2003

Hi, Personally I think the enhancements to the photo and the video wizards make the upgrade to XP well worth the money. Must also mention the stability is superb. Cheers, Bill

  plsndrs3 20:50 08 Apr 2003

When I first saw XP I thought that I would never use it - I was a Win 95 user through & through. It wasn't broke, so why try to fix it I thought. However, I moved job & the PC I used had a trial program of XP and I quickly became impressed with it's stability & purchased the home version almost the day it was released for myself. I can honestly say now, with the benefit of hindsight, that I have not seen a better OS [maybe excluding Win98]. Blue screens of death - much seen to someone like me who likes to tinker and ends up knocking the system over - is a thing of the past. It has compatible mode for some of the more irksome programs that don't particularly like XP, it has easy to use restore points and can be tweaked and tailored to meet almost anyone's needs. The system supports CD burning [not an exceptional program, but it worked] and there are many other pluses hidden away.
Like Smiffy99, I am confused as to why there is such a high percentage of people not wanting to upgrade. Maybe it's a case of the devil you know but, for myself, I'm glad I took the opportunity and upgraded. But this is ONLY because the company had the OS - I would still be happy with my 95, but not as happy as I am now!



  leo49 21:10 08 Apr 2003

I'm a confirmed MESpeeDos user,but bunged XP on a spare partition at the weekend out of curiosity.On a 2 year-old PC there were no incompatibility problems and it installed in half an hour.Slowly getting accustomed to it after spending ages disabling all the useless rubbish that loads on Startup but in use it's not bad.

I'll be getting a new PC in a couple of months, BUT XP won't be the main OS.There's far too much second-rate software tacked on it for my taste as it tries to be a do-it-all system.The killer is that on average the XP system is 1gb larger than my usual OS with all the same programs - that is Bloat with capital B.


  recap 21:11 08 Apr 2003

Just lately Smiffy99, I have had a few people come to me with problems after they have upgraded to XP. They vary from scanners, printers and digital cameras. Granted most of these problem can and have been solved by getting the latest drivers. One or two have had problems with USB. One of the problems with a scanner has been linked to IE6 which was installed with the XP upgrade.

So in my experience one of the main issues is with the lack of XP drivers.

At home I use 98 and I am happy with it. At work I use W2KPro networked to a W2K server. If I was to upgrade I think I personally would choose W2K.

You could say that I am bias because I use W2K more than any other O/S. I have used XP and did not like it that much (everybody to their own as the saying goes).

  flecc 21:23 08 Apr 2003

Hardware is the problem in my experience, a huge number of items lacking drivers and never likely to get them either. What really makes this an issue is that much of this equipment is quite recent and has years of life left in it.

Those who always post how stable XP is should remember that many people don't get trouble with their 98SE and ME installations, and many of them have had difficulty in getting XP to work at all on their computers.

For example, Evesham refused to allow customers to specify XP for some if it's models when it was launched since it wasn't reliable enough on the hardware mixes used on those, and that was brand new gear of course. Obviously they no longer list those models, but this indicates the extent of the problem, as does the fact that there are some relatively recent motherboards which are incompatible.

To make things worse, we are only a year or so away from XP's replacement, so the whole rotten driver chasing cycle will begin over again. Lord help us!

Thinking about it, I too have had a problem with a mobile device not syncronising properly through a USB port that I KNOW works with a laser printer etc. Problem solved by moving to another port, so a point there.


Yes - I agree about the bloatware! I HATE Messenger, Love Nero, (So rarely use WP to write CD's) and all the scanner and camera wizzards go go whatsit for all I care. If I want to do something I will do it myself so I simply do not use them!

However, in everyday working on a fast system, the bloat is not noticed! (Not in my case anyway).

  Djohn 21:31 08 Apr 2003

I'm with Smiffy99 on this one. Only been with XP for a short time now, about 6 weeks, and I've had no problems at all.

Not sure if this is technically possible, but even the text seems to be sharper and the graphics more crisp and detailed.

I agree that if you have your own favourite programs and applications that you have become used to with earlier O/S's, then XP will load a lot of unneeded extras, but if you haven't got them, then XP will give you almost all you need.

Yes, I have far more applications running in the background than I had with 98se, and I have meant to trim some of them, but have not bothered, simply because the system boots fast, and fly's along.

Also like Smiffy99, I think that XP is the best thing since well, I will say sliced bread, because I'm not (old enough) to remember sliced dinosaur! :o)

  woodchip 21:35 08 Apr 2003

It is a ploy I think BY BG for the Masses, and to keep the coffers coming in

  Pesala 21:47 08 Apr 2003

why a lot of people don't upgrade to XP
click here

Another good reason is inertia, and the old adage "Better the devil you know ..."

Personally, it is fears over incompatibility of the software that I use, problems that might occur with drivers, etc., and I am using ME, which is consistently voted the least stable of all OS.

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