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  Southernboy 22:28 21 Oct 2006

To look at the questions here, you would think that MS Office is the only major office suite available. It suggests that the only alternatives are either cheaper suites or freebies.

Why does no one ever mention Lotus? OK, for whatever reason, shops like PC World don't stock it, but it is the equal of MS Office and has a far better support service than MS. I have used Lotus for 10 years now, currently running ME 9.7, and have run into a number of things I don't understand. I simply post a query on the website and get a very quick response in terms that I can understand. When I think how unhelpful MS can be, I wouldn't touch their Office Suite with the proverbial bargepole.

  rdave13 22:57 21 Oct 2006

Good for you. So no need for yourself to take part in the poll; just like myself.

  Tugwilson 14:28 22 Oct 2006

???? what brought that on then?

  Southernboy 16:47 22 Oct 2006

The fact that PCA, and some other magazines, only write about MS Office and ignore Lotus.

I accept more people use MS, but it would be much more democratic if we had the occasional article on Lotus.

Seems to me that MS, not content with dominating the OS scene, seem to want to do the same with Office Suites. And the magazines let them.

  sean-278262 17:25 22 Oct 2006

Give me a break. So should PCA try to write a magazine about every possible program out there. They never revied my smart phone. I should complain. A magazine has to provide advise based upon what the users or rather readers want. If 100 people use something and 1million something else 3 guesses where they will push their resources.

Lotus may be great but so is Firefox and that doesnt get as much exposure compared to IE. You cant have it all Im affraid. Nothing to stop you making a magazine that supports it more, or a website even.


  it_girl 12:02 23 Oct 2006

Southernboy the answer is in the revenue streams.
How much does Lotus spend on advertising?
Money talks.

  Southernboy 12:07 23 Oct 2006

Lotus is not just another program, it is a major office suite, the equal of MS Office, and deserves some recognition. Since there are only TWO such products on the market, your comments totally miss the point. There are dozens of mobile phones available, so no magazine will get around to looking at all of them but, I repeat, only two major office suites. Anything that offers choice is deserving of consideration.

After all, MS have the only financial software, the main OS, and are in danger of becoming a monopoly. Some diversity is long overdue.

  bjh 17:54 23 Oct 2006

I too use Lotus. After version 9.8, the latest, there is expected to be no further development of this suite. IBM bought Lotus some time ago, and there is no likelihood of newer versions. A shame, but there you go.

Lotus isn't even Microsoft Office major competitor. It's probably fourth, well behind Corel WordPerfect Suite.

  sean-278262 17:55 23 Oct 2006

"only two major office suites."

Open office
MS office
MS works
Gnome Office
Star Office

I would name 4 in that list before I would name lotus off hand. I can go on too. There may be 2 major ones but there are as your analogy goes 2 major phone makers. So does my Palm get ignored? Hell yes. When did you see discussion about Corel last?

PCA has many readers. A huge portion probably over 90% would use either MS office or open office. Therefore why should they write for what will probably be about 1% of their readership? People buy PCA for reviews and discussion of what they want to read and what their peers want to read.

  Forum Editor 22:51 23 Oct 2006

You may think that Lotus is the equal of MS Office, but the rest of the world doesn't, which is why we didn't include it.

We hardly ever see anything Lotus-related in the forum - in fact I can't remember the last time I saw it mentioned.

  anchor 12:29 24 Oct 2006

It seems that the vast majority of forum members, (around 90%), who voted are not planning to upgrade.

On that basis, the new version won`t be a runaway success.

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