Latest O.Express ?

  Furkin 12:03 29 Sep 2009

ACER T120 Desktop - XP pro - SP3 - IE8

At long last I have upgraded to IE8 (having skipped 7).

Should an updated Outlook Express come with it ?
My existing OE6 seems to be the only thing around.

I don't want to download a separate version if there is already one on here somewhere.


  birdface 12:10 29 Sep 2009

Thats the same version as I have of O/Express.I don't think that it gets updated very often.

  birdface 12:15 29 Sep 2009

I should have said I also use IE8 and just reformatted about a month ago.So I would imagine it would have downloaded the latest version.

6.00.2900.5512 that is with XP Home Edition.

  Furkin 12:26 29 Sep 2009

thanks for a rapid reply:

I don't actually mind OE6,,,, I get on well with it,,,, mind you, I said that about IE6 !

I tried to install IE 7 some time ago, but it kept failing, so I just left it. For some reason, today I decided to try again - with IE8.
That installed as good as gold,,,, but I was expecting a newer OE as well.

If one is available - i'd better have it. If v6 is the latest, then so be it.


  Furkin 12:28 29 Sep 2009

My v 6 is the same as yours,,,, so I guess that's that,,,,,, for a while.

  Stuartli 13:12 29 Sep 2009

Outlook Express6 (from 2004!) is still the current OE - it's brought up to date via the monthly Microsoft security updates every second Tuesday in the month as and when necessary.

Mine is the same version as that of buteman (XP Pro).

  Ford Prefect 01 13:16 29 Sep 2009

Vista has Windows mail instead of Outlook Express, not too sure if it is available separately or even compatible with XP.

  bremner 13:20 29 Sep 2009

As has been said OE6 is the last version that will be released. It was replaced by Windows Mail.

Security updates will be available free from Windows Update at least until April 8, 2014. Other new updates such as service packs and hotfixes can be downloaded at least until April 21, 2010.

  Furkin 14:45 29 Sep 2009

Thanks all.

Another Result.

  Stuartli 15:29 29 Sep 2009

Windows Live Mail can be used with XP.

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