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  Furkin 08:24 13 Aug 2008

I need to replace my internal MODEM card.
My existing is a:
Soft V92 Fax / Data Modem.

Is this still a current spec,,,, or is there something newer that I should be looking for ?

Acer Aspire T120 - XP Pro - SP3 - 2Gb

cheers folks

  Jim_F 09:19 13 Aug 2008

AFAIK V92 is as good as you'll get for voiceband.

Your current modem appears to be sofware driven (it processes data using your CPU) - if you can get a modem which does hardware processing you would experience less of a slowdown on your computer when sending and receiving.

  Furkin 09:53 13 Aug 2008

Thanks Jim,

The actual speed isn't of great importance to me on this subject,,,,, I only use this modem to send faxes that I want to send from the PC. I have a sep fax machine (All-In-One) for ready printed stuff, & a Router for my B.Band.
Still - if there's not a lot of difference in price, will look for the latter.

I didn't know if Modems had 'moved on' since I got mine.

thanks again

  Furkin 09:56 13 Aug 2008

My current item is:
Harmonics (conexant) HSF 56k HSFi.
As you say - is cpu operated.

When looking - How would I differentiate a Hardware item from a soft ?

  crosstrainer 10:51 13 Aug 2008

External USB:

click here

  Jim_F 15:32 13 Aug 2008

Usually the hardware option is more expensive and the software option is identified -an example from Maplins: click here

I would agree with the last post - USB modems are more versatile and USR modems are probably the best I have used

  Furkin 12:28 15 Aug 2008

Thanks a lot folks,
after reading your comments, i'll probably go for the cheapest V92 for the job.

Right,,,, now i'm after a USB HDD,,,, another post coming on,,,,

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