Latest AVG has missing files

  Furkin 08:53 20 Oct 2010

Hi all,
I installed the latest Free AVG yesterday. I followed the on-screen instructions.
When I re booted I got two error messages:
"missing MSVCR.dll & MSVCR80.dll. Re installing may help".
Is this a common fault with this installation or - as usual - just me ?
Will a Re install work ? I don't want to go through it if it comes up with the same.

As well as me wanting to know more about it, others may appreciate similar advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:06 20 Oct 2010

Msvcrt80.dll errors normally occur when you attempt to install an application, you may also experience errors during the shutdown or startup process. The reason behind it is in most cases a missing or corrupted msvcr80.dll file.

The msvcr80.dll file is a core Windows file and is required for the stable operation of your Windows Operating System:
Msvcr80.dll is the Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library 2005 and this file is required to run programs written in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

sfc /scannow

may fix the problem
or you can download a new version of the file by donloading and runnng this click here from Microsoft, it will give you an upto date version of Microsoft Visual C

  Furkin 09:28 20 Oct 2010

Thanks again FB.
Have downloaded & installed the Visual C files and am about to re-boot to see if it helped.
Results soon.

  birdface 09:28 20 Oct 2010

Looks like it is a Microsoft problem and not an AVG problem.
Just follow Fruit Bat /\0/\'s instructions and see if that fixes it.

  Furkin 10:14 20 Oct 2010

Sorry folks.
Things were alright until I installed AVG. At the end of installation, I did a reboot and this was the first occurrence of the message. I assumed - wrongly - that it was something to do with that.

The re-installed Visual C didn't make any difference.
I have now run sfc /scannow. It took about 10 mins to carry out the scan - it didn't give me a message or tell me if it had found/done anything, the progress bar just went off.

Am about to re boot again, to see what happens.

  Furkin 10:34 20 Oct 2010

No difference.
I may have made a mistake in my OP. I'm pretty sure that the original messages started with MSVCR.dll & MSVCR80.dll,,,,,, but now they both say MSVCR80.dll.
Hope i'm not confusing you.

The only thing I am thinking is that it might have become infected whilst uninstalling & installing AVG ?!

Did my sfc /scannow work right ? Should it have told me anything ?

Thanks for taking the time to go through this with me.

  birdface 10:44 20 Oct 2010

Ok maybe best thing to do would be a system restore to a time before you had the problem and see if that works.
But firstly run all of your security programs to make sure it is not a Virus.
Malwarebytes free is a good one to use.
If doing a system restore you will loose AVG so may be download MSE on to your computer but do not run it.
After the restore you can then Run MSE.

  Furkin 10:53 20 Oct 2010

I did a Full scan with AVG after updating it.
I'll run SAS & Malwarebytes now, then a restore.


  Furkin 12:28 20 Oct 2010

I ran MWB - 134 malaware types
I then ran SAS - 180 similar in File Section only.

No bugs / viruses shown up there.

I have to do a bit of work before leaving for the hospital, so will do a restore on my return.

back soon

  birdface 12:45 20 Oct 2010

Do you mean Malwarebytes found 134 problems and Superantispyware 180.

No bugs / viruses shown up there

Not sure what you mean.

  Jaxcat 13:24 20 Oct 2010

I am having exactly the same problem. I had no issues until I installed the latest build of AVG, and have no doubts that that is the culprit. I have run anti-virus and anti-spam software, and have found no problems. I have run registry fixers (2 diff ones) which tell me my registry is fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled AVG. I have downloaded and manually installed the missing .dlls into my Windoms System32 folder. And still I keep getting error messages from AVG saying they are missing. This is driving me nuts...

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