latest advert on pc advisor slowing down my pc!

  theDarkness 01:06 16 Dec 2010

LOL- I think its just my age old 1.6Ghz pc, despite having a seperate gfx card and updated 1ghz ram (ok, nothing compared to todays "standards"!)... but is this latest advert on pc advisor slowing down your typing/system in general whilst using your browser on these very pages? This "Eset Security" keyboard animation seems to be taking up the entire background, if not then its simply 4 playing at once, but its probably the sole reason for the slowdownnnn in my case :) Makes no difference as to which browser I use, firefox usually being the one of choice

  KremmenUK 06:40 16 Dec 2010

Doesn't it just!!! I can type faster than this office PC can display the text with these flashy sidebar adverts.

This site is unfortunately the slowest of all I visit.

  cocteau48 07:42 16 Dec 2010

If you are using Firefox then use the add-on Adblock Plus click here..... and get rid of all the adverts.

  birdface 08:10 16 Dec 2010

For Internet Explorer.

click here

  BT 08:38 16 Dec 2010
  onthelimit 08:52 16 Dec 2010

Just downloaded that and the improvement in loading speed is surprising.

  David4637 10:33 16 Dec 2010

Ad blocker for IE, does it become an add on for IE, or does it load as a *.exe, the file extension is *.msi? Thanks David

  David4637 10:35 16 Dec 2010

PS I should have asked if its an add on to IE how is it installed? Thanks again David

  birdface 11:46 16 Dec 2010

Just download it from the C-Net box or if using IE9 you have to follow the beta route.

  theDarkness 17:53 16 Dec 2010

Moving slightly away from this website alone in topic, Ive noticed within the last yr that there is alot of advertising (mainly from standard small windows, but sometimes even via smaller web banners) that now include an actual talking advisor (instead of advertising with text and an image, moving or not)! It just goes to show how more advanced the net is becoming as computers get alot faster with more memory.

I do wonder how a standard website is going to look in 10 or even 20 years time, especially shopping sites-if almost every website is going be filled with such junk. I say "junk" as I have to admit that I now try and completely ignore any adverts displayed on any website, even if its related, and not via the worst advertising method of all (pop up ads!-although they are usually switched off/unable to appear using my browser). I try to never click on any seperate advertising on any website. Its obviously just a habit, but I would think that I am not alone, even if its through a reputable source such as pc advisor, since there is so much undiscovered junk on the web, and fear of what you might 'catch'.. (!)

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