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  holligan 18:03 19 Feb 2004

Any ideas or thoughts on my site as i think its nearly done and fe said he will edit the text when complete so if i can improve any way i will now before fe gets to edit it.

click here


  User-312386 22:21 19 Feb 2004

put your e-mail address near the top where they can contact you

also i would put your telephone number on there as some people like to speak to a real person, rather than send a letter (e-mail)

Cant you reduce the amount of links on the left hand side? As it does annoy some people when you have to scroll down to look at something

also the pages are somewhat large. My computer works in 1024x768 resolution, so it must be massive and offputting for someone who has a resolution of 800x600

I like the site though and the pictures 22:56 19 Feb 2004

I will agree that there are a few too many links on the left though.

I would not advise ANYONE to put their phone number on a website, it's bad enough getting dodgy emails.

Dont know if you changed it since Madboys post, but it fits perfectly into an 800 window.

Haven't had time to go over every inch of it yet, but it looks good.

Good luck, Whiz...

  PurplePenny 00:31 20 Feb 2004

Nice one Holligan. It's looking good now, really coming together as a site. Looking forward to the spring and summer and a few more photos in your gallery :-)


  holligan 11:44 20 Feb 2004

I dont no how to make less links and if i do the page will be bigger if its all white so i will stick with them till i can work it out.

The phone is a no no the site is not on any scerch engines i dont think anyway. its really just to show friends and people ive done jobs for to show there friends etc

I will get more pics in the summer. i use my own as a lot use ones from ground force and say they done the jobs..

  IClaudio 11:45 20 Feb 2004

I agree with the others about the number of links - as I said before (I think...), you could put all the Tips, for example, under one link. And Planting Ideas should probably come under Garden Design. And so on. This would give more of an impression of a content-rich site than lots of links to single pages.

If you're going to have an Amazon affiliate's link on the Water Garden pages, you should have it on all the other pages where applicable.

And speaking of links, they should open in a new page: you run the risk, at the moment, of people surfing away from your site, never to return!

I think you should give a bit more thought to the overall look of your site and try to make it more cohesive - at the moment, you have scattered photos of different sizes around on some pages, and then placed them more regularly on others. And to repeat another thing that (I think) I suggested before, I really think you should move the main text on the banners to the right (easily done in the Styles menu of NOF).

A bit more text (step forward FE!) would help - I like the look of the Gravel garden, but you don't explain what it's here for. Did you design it (great design), or is it your own?

I'd like to see some text to explain the garden pest picture - I know what they are (unfortunately!), but I'd really like to know how to get rid of them: or maybe not, are they beneficial in some cases?

I know you're trying to sell your services, but a site like this has the potential to be more than just an advert: not only would people learn something more about an interesting subject, but they might also be more inclined to ask you to sort their own garden out!

Sorry, I meant to just say 'The site's looking good now' and as people are inclined to tell me, I 'got all wordy'!


  holligan 12:36 20 Feb 2004

I am not really after selling my services as ive had no responces to a ad on a local site in over a year. I just did it for something to do

the weed page is not finished yet

i cant do links to open seperate i tried for weeks

i was told to get rid of the ads i did have more

cheers off to do more text then

ps the gravel garden is mine

  IClaudio 12:53 20 Feb 2004

When you set up the link, you go to a 'Link' dialogue where you set up the address of the link, don't you? At the bottom, there are two 'Target' buttons, one named None (which is the default), the other named 'Existing'. This has a Drop-down menu, and the first option in that menu is '_blank'. This is the one to select if you want a new window to open.

'i was told to get rid of the ads...': nothing at all wrong with ads: and here, I think people would only 'suggest;), but you do need to have some coherence. I wouldn't mind seeing Amazon ads on those pages that would benefit.

'the gravel garden is mine' Lucky Devil!

ps: Should I deadhead my Hydrangeas yet, or wait a few more weeks (they have lots of shoots on...) ;)

  IClaudio 12:58 20 Feb 2004

'...ive had no responces to a ad on a local site in over a year...' Probably becuase they are sitting waiting for Internet-savvy people to bump into the site by chance. You've got to be a lot more pro-active and get people to visit, not just hope that they might wander along. If you had a shop down an alleyway, you'd have to put a little noticeboard in the main street, otherwise people wouldn't have the faintest idea that your shop existed.

So, quote your web address on cards and in ads, put it up in the local library, find a local site that is a bit more dynamic... well, you don't need me to tell you what to do!

Actually, this is a good idea for a new thread...

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