last chance before buying another sound card

  rossol 18:18 15 Jan 2005

i am using xp with SP2.I have put in a new sound card sound blaster audigy LS. came up, found new hardware asked for the disk ,then loaded every thing on the disk. BUT THEIR IS NO SOUND.Speakers have been checked and are working .on board sound is turned off. have re installed sound card and drives .have changed slots for card.Have new updates for sound card and installed them.sound card is properly installed in slot.STILL NO SOUND. Also in control panel/device manger no yellow sound and audio every thing is ghosted that means I can not do any thing in there.Can any body help

  Jeffers22 18:22 15 Jan 2005

This may be a daft question, but have you checked the sound is not muted in volume control or similar?

  rossol 18:25 15 Jan 2005

have no volume control because i can not get the box tick in audio and sound because it is ghosted

  ACOLYTE 18:29 15 Jan 2005

Dosent xp have its own WDM driver for creative sound cards?,i am not sure but if you loaded off the cd it may have installed legacy drivers and i dont think you need those for xp,could be wrong tho.Have you tried letting xp install its own drivers?

  rossol 18:33 15 Jan 2005

will try that but at the moment a friend is try it on his computor but does any one know why it is ghosted in sound and audio

  ACOLYTE 18:43 15 Jan 2005

I am not 100% sure but legacy drivers were used for DOS based programs and games and as xp doesnt use dos these drivers wont work but as they are the drivers your card wonts it installs them windows doesnt see an error because the driver was for your sound card and was most probably newer than the driver it had itself so it installed them,but as i said im not 100% sure it may be totally different.The best thing if i were you would be to go to creative and dload the driver direct then install it.

  Mikè 19:19 15 Jan 2005

Well xp certainly has native wdm drivers for my creative card (SB live), I had loads of problems using Creative's own drivers/software.

  rossol 19:59 15 Jan 2005

why it is ghosted in sound and audio

  JIM 20:19 15 Jan 2005

Win xp services,via my computer/manage and check Windows Audio. Make sure Windows Audio service has not been disabled. Automatic, is standard and may change to disabled if win-updates are applied.SP2 etc.

Worth a look nothing lost.

  Colinp 20:28 15 Jan 2005

Were you using an onboard sound card before? Has it been disabled (not just turned off) in the,I think, BIOS.

  rossol 17:54 17 Jan 2005

has been disabled

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