Laser Printing compared with Inkjet

  brambles 18:31 01 Jan 2013

I have always used good quality Canon Inkjet Printers. My present one is a Pixma iP4500 which is grinding to a halt after 4 years.

I have been looking at Laser printers for example the CLP-365W Samsung which is about £130.00 at Currys. The problem is it doesn't come with any toners and the price for these is about £40.00 each. That means £160.00 for a full refill each time! Are there compatible toners around or do I have to accept that laser is substantially more expensive - and stay with an inkjet.

Back to the laser can the toners be replaced individually by colour as one colour runs out? Sadly I learned there are no toners provided with the purchase.

Happy New Year


  Woolwell 18:45 01 Jan 2013

I don't know where you got the idea that it doesn't come with toners from. It ships with starter cartridges good for around 500-700 pages. You replace each cartridge separately as required

  SillBill 18:46 01 Jan 2013

For compatible inks the Epson Stylus models were the cheapest, IF you can find one now, Epson have gone over to a newer model and compatible inks don't seem to be available yet! I have NO experience with Laser Printers but at the prices you quote I never will have!

  Woolwell 19:00 01 Jan 2013

I didn't answer about costs. In the last year I have replaced my colour inkjet and mono laser. It is quite difficult to obtain running costs but I came to the conclusion that you cannot beat laser for speed and quality of mono printing. Colour costs of lasers using their cartridges are high compared to many inkjets and the output is variable for colour prints bearing in mind that they require different paper, etc. I came to the conclusion that as I did only a limited amount of colour printing that a mono laser and colour inkjet suited my needs. It is cheaper and most likely better quality to get photos printed on-line or at Jessops/Tesco. For the inkjet I use high yield cartridges and am getting reasonable costs (nowhere near the cost of laser colour) and for black I'm getting very good running costs and excellent speed.

  SillBill 19:05 01 Jan 2013

Newest Epson models are "Expression" still no compatible ink sources.

  wee eddie 19:39 01 Jan 2013

I have a CLP 325 and have to admit that I have not consumed any of the 4 Starter Cartriges yet.

To me the advertised cost per page is 'relatively' insignificant as it is calculated on the basis of continuous printing.

I do not continuously print, I do a letter today, a dozen Leaflets tomorrow and some Taxi Schedules the day after. So - what is significant to me, is that I am not using half the cartrige in head-cleaning/startup costs.

I use special Glossy Laser Paper for the leaflets and the Photos in them come out adequately, not brilliant, but I have no quibbles about the quality of colour or definition and unless you are examining them carefully, good enough.

I would not use one as a present for Granny, maybe I could get away with it, her eyesight's not so sharp these days, but I can get hight quality prints done in the Hight Street, these days, should I wish.

One big advantage:- All laser prints are unaffected by water.

One disadvantage:- If you try to use Inkjet Photo Paper in your laser, it sticks to the drums and you will have to replace them ~ It's cheaper to buy a new printer.

Overall:- No regrets, but I'll have to bight the bullet at some time and buy new Cartriges, which I can get from Choice Stationary for considerably less than Curries/PC World/Staples, but still a big wedge. I recon that a full Black Cart will last me about 4 years anyway, at my current consumption level!

  woodchip 20:54 01 Jan 2013

Laser or Inkjet? they both have there place. Laser is firstly waterproof. Normally Sharper text Mine a Epson AcuLaser c1100 is also good with photos on cheap Laser copy paper. You know what there is to know about inkjets as you have one

  mgmcc 08:32 02 Jan 2013

wee eddie

"but I'll have to bite the bullet at some time and buy new Cartriges, which I can get from Choice Stationary for considerably less than Curries/PC World/Staples"

I check prices at three suppliers and Choice is the most expensive, although prices change almost daily:

Cartridge Save

Y £36.86 - M £36.94 - C £36.83 - B £36.86 - Rainbow Pack £134.61

Cartridge Monkey

Y £45.05 - M £45.14 - C £43.98 - B £45.05 - Rainbow Pack £172.05

Choice Stationery

Y £45.11 - M £46.11 - C £45.08 - B £45.11 - All four - £181.41 (no rainbow pack)

  wee eddie 09:22 02 Jan 2013

Thanks 'mgmmc'.

They've increased by a £10 each, since I looked in September.

  alanrwood 11:33 02 Jan 2013

You can also get filler kits for most laser cartridges. Several sources on the internet in UK. Also remanufactured ones are also available.

Laser/Inkjet?? Depends on many factors. Are you wanting to print colour or just black and white. For B/W the laser wins out by a mile in terms of cost and SPEED. Cartridges last many times the life of an inkjet cartridge so although the cost is initially high the cost per page is lower.

For colour printing it depends on volume usage. If you only want to print the odd colour etc then and inkjet is probably cheaper bearing in mind the cost of a colour laser (although they have come down in price quite dramatically just lately. Also Inkjets can print at a much higher resolution in most cases.

The suggestion above by Woolwell is probably the best compromise for most people.

  northumbria61 12:36 02 Jan 2013

I purchased the Samsung CLP-365W in September 2012 which was on a special offer at Argos for £89.99. I would be very surprised if the printer came without cartridges and toner. Mine were all installed in the printer and ready to go. I had it set up and printing within 10 minutes. It took me longer to get it out of the box!

If as you say Curry's are offering this printer without cartridges then you are simply being "ripped off" in my opinion so steer clear. My printer is in daily use and all 4 cartridges are still showing in excess of 80% remaining. I do use grayscale with Eco mode for quick prints for personal use so there are plenty of options for saving.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this printer BUT look around for the BARGAIN prices. You should/may be able to get it cheaper if you shop around. At the time I purchased mine it was being sold for £163 on another site!

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