Laser printer- is there a downside to cheap toner

  Kurnal 13:22 12 Mar 2007

I have an HP4600 lkaserjet printer.
I see many adverts for cheap toner at about 10% of the OEM product- is there any downside to using cheap toner, does it damage or wear other parts of the printer? Or just give poorer quality print?

  €dstowe 14:13 12 Mar 2007

I've refilled my laser printer cartridges for years now and not found anything wrong with the refill toner.

I did receive some once that was actually re-labelled Xerox toner which shows that, at least, had a good pedigree.

  Belatucadrus 14:19 12 Mar 2007

I agree, I've been running a Samsung ML-1210 on cheap toner for about three years now, no problems and the money saved when comparing refills with a replacement cartridge has been considerable.

  n4165si 14:20 12 Mar 2007

there is a very feint difference in the print quality ,probably you would not notice it, i am using a compatable cartridge for my epsom 5900 epl,and the main problem that i have encountered,is that you may be using a refilled cartridge which may have a noisy action,this last time as i had kept the original, i took the compatable out and refilled the original ,but sometimes the manufacturer glues his plastic filler cap in ,but providing you don't damage it, you can reseal it. if you want to go down the road of refilling yourself, make sure you can get the refil cap off easily.

  €dstowe 14:31 12 Mar 2007

Like Belatucadrus, my lasers were Samsung 1210s. They worked very, very hard in a busy office and have now, after many years of excellent service, gone to wherever printers go in the sky. They wore out but certainly no complaints.

My current office "dogsbody" laser printers are HP 1018. That's not because I couldn't get Samsung models, just that the HPs were on offer and much cheaper than other models at the time I needed them.

  Daiol 14:33 12 Mar 2007

Hi,I have a HP1010 printer been filling my toner for a long time with no complaints.Have a look here:click here

  Kurnal 17:32 12 Mar 2007

Thanks for your advice. I will give it a go.

  wrg 17:32 12 Mar 2007

I may be wrong but if your printer is still in its warranty period then using cartridges other than the maunfacturers cartridges during the warranty period may invalidate the warranty. So if you had a problem you could be stuck

  Gizmo2005 17:49 12 Mar 2007

I have been refilling my Samsung ML1250, NEVER bought a new cartridge and the printer is still going strong!

Here is a good site with all the info; click here

  voovon 18:22 12 May 2008

Hello the black toner was running out on my colour printer so I bought a diy kit. The printed sheets have a 5 mm gap of missed print about 25 mm from the margin. Can you advise me how to correct this please?

  newface 19:11 14 Aug 2008

What about the chip on the cartridge, does that have to be reset to "full" after each refill? If it does, can anyone recommend a site to get one from?

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