Laser Printer - Print Darkness

  mbp 19:06 19 Sep 2006

I have a Samsung ML1610 mono laser. I find that when printing off the web, some sites print nice and dark, and other sites it is a grey and often not so easy to read. Is there any way to darken the prints, like removing the Cartridge, give it a little shakie and returning it? Is this safe?

By the way, it is a new printer and I have only printed 150 copies so it is not running low on toner yet.

  howard64 20:07 19 Sep 2006

as a first step find out if it is the printer or the web site at fault. With something that prints light highlight and copy the text and then put it into word or notepad etc and print from that. If the print is fine you know it is the web site that is at fault and you can in future copy what you want and then print from your word processor - this often saves a lot of paper by cutting out the other stuff.

  Belatucadrus 20:20 19 Sep 2006

Try opening the Printer properties, if the ML1610 console is anything like my ML1210, there'll be a tab entitled "Graphic", with an advanced options section where you can select a tick box next to an "All text to black" option.

  woodchip 23:22 19 Sep 2006

Laser do not print graphics good, as in Graphical text they are lighter. I have a Samsung ML-4500. So I tink that some of this may be graphics rather than text as text. Try copying and pasting into word processor then print it

  mbp 14:05 23 Sep 2006

I strongly think that it is web site fault because when I print from a different site, th print is perfectly normal again. Thanks, I will remember that the next time I have such problems to copy via a Word program and then printing it out. You have been a big help.

  Belatucadrus 13:41 24 Sep 2006

"I strongly think that it is web site fault"

Unlikely, the most probable cause is the website using coloured-shaded script, that the printer attempts to reproduce and ends up with grey, hence my suggestion that you try to get the printer to reproduce all text in black as it will circumvent the problem.

  steve12345 16:53 24 Sep 2006

Try this b4 you print:

Click "Tools/Internet Options/Accessibility"

Tick "Ignore colours specified on Web Pages"
Click ok/ok and print your web page.

Go back and untick it after you have finished printing (if you want).

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