laser mouse, whats the best surface

  erkmatrix 08:49 26 Aug 2006

Hi my new mouse that came with my new logitech keyboard which I like but this new laser mouse I'm not sure of at all, I had a old vinyl mouse mat which it doesn't work on at all so now just got it on a hard back book but the cursor keeps flittering about to the corner of the screen. Its annoying and wish I of stuck with the old ball mouse.

Does anyone else have one of these mice and what surface do you have it on.

  ericmax 08:58 26 Aug 2006

Morning junipaire, I have a couple of laser mice and they work just fine on those mouse mats that look like they are covered in lycra, this is the one I use. I think I got it in PC World.
click here

  €dstowe 09:02 26 Aug 2006

I use an A4 paper pad which doubles up as a doodle/note pad. When the sheet is full of scribble/notes/muck I rip the top page off to reveal a clean one below.

I've done this for many years and I wouldn't think of using any fancy mouse mat of any description.

  SLAYER 09:04 26 Aug 2006

hi junipaire,I use this, click here, one on a rather large shiny surfaced office desk,no problems.

  Stuartli 09:35 26 Aug 2006

I do the same as €dstowe but slightly differently - I fix a sheet of A4 white paper to a mouse mat as my optical mouse won't work properly on patterned mats.

As €dstowe indicates it's also handy for jotting down notes etc.

  jimv7 09:37 26 Aug 2006

I use 1 of the new type of bar beermats, better than any mouse mat and washable.

  g0slp 10:05 26 Aug 2006

Stuck for a mouse mat on board my ship after new IT kit was supplied (at huge expense), including optical rodents but NO mats (they cost money, don'cha know...) I laminated a piece of plain white paper. It worked so well that I'm now using a similar 'mat' at home!

  [email protected] 11:27 26 Aug 2006

have you installed the software that came with your new keyboard and mouse?
if so have you checked for updates from here
click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:40 26 Aug 2006

I just use the desk surface. I've never used anything else with opticals.


  wee eddie 12:26 26 Aug 2006

junipaire: a laser mouse does not even need a flat surface

  erkmatrix 14:07 26 Aug 2006

Yeah its ok now, I'm using the inside of the hard back book and it appears to work great, cheers for the advice.

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