larger icons.

  elbecko 03:47 16 Aug 2008


i run xp home and opera 9.51.

i've noticed today that some things have gotten bigger!
the clock for instance, also all the icons next to it too.
basically everything in that 'start' bar at the bottom of the screen.

i have no idea why its decided to do this, is there a way to make things a little smaller?

  boycute 04:50 16 Aug 2008

you might setup the Resolution of screen,as 1027x768, that'll be normal.

  rawprawn 08:46 16 Aug 2008

Have you accidentally resized the Taskbar?
If so
Right-click an empty area on the taskbar. If Locked the Taskbar has a check mark next to it, the taskbar is locked. Unlock it by clicking Lock the Taskbar, which removes the check mark.

Point to the edge of the taskbar until the pointer changes into a double-headed arrow?? , and then drag the border to make the taskbar the size you want.
Sorry if that is not what you meant

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