Large mail item stuck in Outbox Outlook 2003 beta

  s4wrs 11:01 31 Aug 2003

I have, in error, attempted to send a 9mb email which my ISP blocks as too big. Problem is that the message is stuck in the outbox. I cannot delete it [ or move it to another (e.g. deleted) folder] as outlook claims it has already started sending. I have tried unchecking sending boxes and also cancelled sending, but Outlook still continues to claim that I cannot delete "as it already sending".

I am using NTL broadband.
This may not be specific to just Outlook 2003

Not come accross this (am using Office 2003 Beta) but would suggest the following -

Turn of the PC and remove your internet connection cable (I take it it is Broadband - who else would consider a 9Mb file of dial up??)

Reboot and open Outlook. It will try to connect but fail. This may give you the chance you need to delete the file from the outbox.

  howard60 13:31 31 Aug 2003

if smiffy99 suggestion does not work [I was going to suggest it myself] try switching off your modem/set top box and letting it reboot. This can sometimes clear the problem. Using ntl broadband myself.

  harry_b 14:00 31 Aug 2003

rename the outbox file to outboxold then fire up outlook express, it will create a new file, its a hidden file so you may have to alter the view settings. the path (on my pc is)
C:\Documents and Settings\harry\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{824DD515-A960-4096-AF81-EBB5D11699A2}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\outbox.dbx

  s4wrs 16:13 31 Aug 2003

As suggested, I closed down my pc and then removed the usb modem connection, which then allowed me to delete the miscreant file. Subsequent re-connection of the usb put every thing back to normal working order.
Brilliant - Thanks for all your replies. Very, very much appreciated.

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