Large JPEGS become small ?

  Baskerville 12:33 18 Sep 2008

Hi All,

A friend has asked me to find some photo's on the web, in this instance it is 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'Dr Who' she makes birthday cards and such, thing is once I find fairly big images say 44kb, 80kb, or maybe 155kb and save them to desktop, when I open them they are reduced to something like 3kb making them really small, sometimes I need them to be say 4'x 5' to make an impact, why does this happen ?

Thanks for any replies,


  Pineman100 14:32 18 Sep 2008

Have you got software such as Shrink Pic running in the background? When Shrink Pic is downloaded, by default it puts itself into your startup folder. See whether it's hiding in your System Tray.

Incidentally, images of 44k, 88k or even 155k are certainly not big. You'd be pushing your luck to get any kind of reasonably sized printout from them.

I should also mention the question of copyright on images such as the ones you've named. Using them for cards, etc, could be an infringement.

  MarvintheAndroid 00:43 19 Sep 2008

Are you sure you are saving the actual files to the desktop and not just the thumbnail placeholders ?


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