Large install wizard box

  daz246 18:58 11 May 2005

Whenever I install a new program or Zone Alarm says a program is trying to connect the boxes are so big that I can't see all the writing or accept anything. Even if I change the size to 1600x1200 this fits some on but not all the box.

Any ideas on how to reduce the size of these fonts or boxes?????


  Technotiger 19:13 11 May 2005

Hi, what OS? and has this only recently started to happen?

  daz246 19:17 11 May 2005

Windows XP SP2, and yes, i lost all my fonts a few weeks ago so I had to reinstall them, since then its been like this.

  Technotiger 19:22 11 May 2005

In that case I would suggest that perhaps a System Restore back to a date before you 'lost' fonts might fix the problem. When anything like lost fonts or anything else occurs with XP - your first line-of-defence has to be System Restore.


  daz246 19:28 11 May 2005

My system restore doens't work, for some reason I have to turn it off, restart then turn back on again to make it work, but obviously i lose all my restore points. I'm not sure how long they last for before I have to repeat.

  Technotiger 19:38 11 May 2005

Oh dear, so there is something more serious happening there then. System Restore should be enabled all the time, there should never be the need to switch it off/on in order to get it to work. It makes its' own Restore Points automatically usually on a daily basis. The restore points last for several weeks, with new ones being created regularly.

Unfortunately I am afraid I am not technically aware enough, to be able to advise you further with your particular problem. But I am sure others more knowledgable than I, will come to your assistance.

Good Luck.

  Technotiger 19:50 11 May 2005

Hi, me again - just had another thought - if you have your original XP disc, you could try a Repair of XP - run Install XP and then opt to Repair.


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