Large Home Network (8+) - Set-Up Sugesstions

  SeanUK 21:05 16 Nov 2010

Hi Guys,

I am living in student housing at the moment. There are eight of us in the house all using laptops, mobile phones, etc.

I didn't set-up the original network, and we are currently using two Wireless Hubs connected to each other via an Ethernet Cable.

For day to day surfing things seem to function 'OKAY'.

I would like suggestions on how to get the most out of our network, considering we have 8+ connections going at any one time.

That's the essence of my post. For further details on what problems we are having please continue reading :)

We have problems with laptop's being disconnected randomly at 'peak' times (when all of us are using the internet). The only way to reconnect to the internet is to reboot our primary router.

We are also unable to use Xbox live at the moment.

We are on the highest broadband package available to us, which clocks in at about 16mbs down (not sure what our upload speed is)

For Xbox Live, we connect to the internet through one of the wireless routers and then bridge the connection via a crossover cable and internet connection sharing.

There are two Xbox consoles in the house and both are unable to play games properly online. Our NAT settings are open and our download speeds are okay.

However, we experience a lot of lag in-game.

Using Halo Reach's network diagnostics the problem seems to stem from a problem with our upload speeds.

click here

Here's the breakdown it provides and our ratings:

Upstream Bandwith:

Your connection speed is LOW. You may experience longer than average matchmaking wait times and suboptimal networking conditions that could affect game play.

Nat Type:

Your NAT type is OPEN. OPEN NAT is the optimal setting.

Packet Loss:

Packet loss rates are currently minimal. No action is required.

We used to be able to use Xbox live with very few problems. I can't recall if our problems started after we introduced a second router (as people furtherst away from the router had problems connecting)

I am pretty sure that our connection is capable of running Xbox Live without a hitch as a few of our mates from Halls have the same connection a few houses down and have no problems.

I was just wondering if anybody know's what the problem may be.

To recap, I'm after the bthe best way for us to set-up a home network for 8 Laptops + Mobile Devices that will maximize our connection.

I'd usually tackle this sort of stuff alone but I've never had to deal with a network this 'large' before.

Plus, my housemates are pretty *!@:y about taking the internet down (less time for X-Rated content, I guess!)

Most are pretty light users so as long as they can surf basic pages they're more than happy. Not realizing that our current solution is far from perfect!

I'd like to able to explain what the problem is, how we can improve things and why a change is neccessary in the first place.

Thanks in advance

- Sean

  Forum Editor 23:11 16 Nov 2010

is inevitably going to lead to bandwidth issues - there simply isn't enough bandwidth available on a home broadband connection to keep everyone happy.

The problem will be much worse at peak times - you'll be contending with other users for the bandwidth, and in a university town that will often mean the full complement of 49 other connections.

The upstream situation will depend on how you're connected, but assuming it's not cable the speed is going to depend on the quality of the phone line, the number of people online, and the distance from the exchange.

  Ashrich 22:48 17 Nov 2010

Turn off ( if you haven't already ) DHCP on the second router so it can get all the necessary info from router 1 ( it will also stop IP conflicts between the 2 boxes ) and edit the QOS settings to give priority to the X-Boxes


  SeanUK 23:48 18 Nov 2010

Hi again,

@ Editor - Thanks for your quick reply. I know that during peak periods the internet will slow down quite a bit but I think something else is having an impact on the XBL connections as I have run tests at midnight when the connection is not being used as much. Thanks for the input though!

@ Ashrich - I'll be sure to follow your suggestions and I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks to you both

- Sean

  jtay78 10:37 25 Nov 2010

have you try to use Static Ip's ? also try to use Diff Wifi Channels as sometimes this can cause Issues!!!!

Also how is the XB setup ? is it on a Wifi or Lan ?



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