Large file transfer

  pj123 10:44 15 May 2004

I think this is a "help" rather than a "webdesign" problem. I have a password protected website (for friends and family only). I normally put personal photo's up on it for family viewing. I have just had an email from a friend who has written a book asking how he can email it to someone. (his publisher, actually) but as the file is large he is finding it difficult. He has asked me about zipping it up but I don't think it will compress it much. I thought about uploading it to my website so that it can be downloaded from there. Is that feasible or not? If so, how do I make it available for download by the publisher? If that is not feasible any other suggestions would be welcome, apart from snail mail. Thank you.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:28 15 May 2004

Some options:

1 - zip it and see what happens - text generally can be compressed to about 10% of size. With images, it may not be as good.

2 - as you suggest, put it on the site with a direct link from which it can be downloaded.

3 - put it on a CD - easy enough and most should be able to read it.

  Chronos 11:40 15 May 2004

go to a P2P site, like those we do not mention on here :-) ares, morpheus and so one, leave it on you pc. give it a name, ie: 98765 then who ever wants it, goes to search,types in 98765, and there you are all sorted...

  britto 11:46 15 May 2004

could he mail it one chapter at a time?

  pj123 12:05 15 May 2004

Chronos. Thanks, but no thanks. That is not an option, I stay away from p2p sites.

britto, yep that's the long way out.

Have just spoken to my host and the uploading to my personal website is also out now. It has been explained to me that if I do it that way the publisher will then have access to this site any time they like, or I will have to get my host to change the ID, ftp address and the password, at a cost of course. Looks like it is now down to save it to CD and snail mail it, or split the file into (say) 3 and zip each section and email. Thanks for the suggestions. I will let my friend decide. Ticked.

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