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  Mblog 12:06 08 Apr 2011

I've just bought a new laptop for my 75 year old mum from click here
When she got it home she had to fill in a cashback form so she sent it off immediately, as old people do.
I then recived an email saying it had been received too early and as such she wasn't entitled to cashback.
This is £75 we are talking about, she is on a tiny pesnion and this company wil not backtrack on their policy. Nowhere on the form does it say that early submission of the cashback claim form would result in loss of cashback, just that it must be sent between 14 and 30 days of invoice. The email recived said that the claim was rejected and nowhere does it say that if a claim is rejected it would result in loss of cashback.
I hope you can help put all this into some sort of order.
I need to know what right this company has of purely rejecting a claims form then making their own verbal rules up henceforth.

  lotvic 12:38 08 Apr 2011

go to Consumer Direct click here they will assist you to sort them out. You can telephone them for advice 08454 04 05 06

  961 17:43 08 Apr 2011

Funnily enough I read a post on another forum about a claim for cashback being rejected by this company while I was considering buying a laptop from them

Like many sites there is a link to go to the full terms and conditions of their cashback policy and I did take the trouble to read them. It's all there in black and white that you have to submit your claim by registered post to arrive between 14 and 30 days from the date of purchase

I suppose the basic trouble is that few of us bother to read full t & c these days. Perhaps because they are usually long and arduous and we are in a hurry a trust terms will be what we regard as reasonable. You tried reading Google privacy policy lately?

To be honest I'm not quite sure where you go next. Perhaps you can ask the Forum Editor if he can offer some advice

  Batch 17:55 08 Apr 2011

IMHO this is a deliberate ploy designed to mislead consumers and thereby enable the company to minimise the number of cashbacks it actually has to pay out (i.e. they fully expect that most punters will not read the Ts & Cs).

As previously suggested, try Consumers Direct, or Citizens Advice or Trading Standards. You could also see if the company will back down if you threaten to go to these organisations.

  lotvic 18:06 08 Apr 2011

When I had troubles returning a laptop (to a different company) - apparently I had unpacked the laptop which was forbidden in their 'Terms & Conditions' if you wanted a refund - I went to Consumer Direct who then passed it to the local Officer (who was very nice)

End result: I got a full refund and the company had to alter their Terms & Conditions (they got in serious trouble as it was unfair trading practice and against the Consumer Law)

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