Laptops Processors.

  Ben Chuud 00:55 12 Jun 2003

I see Laptops installed with processors called
Pentium-M and Pentium 4-M. Are they one and same, if not what is the difference ???

  hugh-265156 01:08 12 Jun 2003

i dont know but click here and click here does

  temp003 06:18 12 Jun 2003

Pentum 4-M is the laptop version of the pentium 4, and has been around for some time. It's basically the same as the desktop version, but with a simple power-saving feature. When it's in battery mode, it switches to a lower (fixed) clock speed.

The Pentium-M is the latest (usually on the Centrino platform). It has a more sophicated power-saving feature. There's a sort of "ladder" of different lower clock speeds to operate at. The CPU will detect what applications are being used, and adjust accordingly. So it's a little more intelligent. Hence longer battery life.

The architecture of the CPU is also different, not just a rehash of the desktop version.

The overall result is it works more efficiently and delivers better performance than the Pentium 4-M, even though its clock speed is lower.

The latest top speed for Pentium M is (I think) 1.8GHz (used to be 1.6).

Centrino laptops are notebooks which use (1) the Pentiuim M processor (2) the 855 chipset and (3) the Intel Pro wireless solution. A manufacturer must include all 3 to be able to call a laptop a Centrino.

But the most important element is the Pentium M processor (and the 855 chipset that usually comes with it). Some manufacturers may use their own wireless solution and as a result cannot call the laptop a Centrino (but there are not many of those). They would be just as good if you see them.

If you need a portable laptop that you frequently use on the road, pick the Pentium M.

If you are buying a desktop replacement, either will do, though laptops with the Pentium 4-M can have higher clock speeds and usually better graphics chips.

  Ben Chuud 03:23 13 Jun 2003


Thank You very much for your comprehensive clear concise answer, much appreciate. Thanks again.

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