Laptop/router problem

  mousee 21:14 04 Jun 2008

I've just obtained an HP laptop running Vista Home Premium and am trying to install the software for my Belkin wireless router onto it, however it won't even let me install adobe as it tells me there is a compatibility problem and I should look on the Adobe site for advice, why look on there when its a Belkin product, I've looked on there and can't find nowt, any suggestions?

The router is 15 months old and the CD has been stored in a safe place and isn't scratched or marked in any way.

  Forum Editor 00:12 05 Jun 2008

because the router CD contains a PDF help file, and is possibly trying to install an incompatible version of Acrobat Reader.

Go to the Adobe site and download and install Acrobat reader version 8.1 before trying the Belkin installer again.

  Strawballs 09:12 05 Jun 2008

You say the router is 15months old does that meen that you are already using it if so you won't need to run the cd on the laptop you will just need to connect to it I assume wirelessly which can be setup using the PC already being used but if this is not the case then follow FE's advice.

  mousee 13:29 05 Jun 2008

Have installed Adobe 8.1 and the installation cd won't play ball, I can get online if a take the plug from the back of my main computer and plug it into the laptop, but it cannot find a wireless signal and the wireless router is no more that 3 feet away, I took the laptop to my local IT man this morning and its picking up his and a few other local connections. I only reason I have the main computer plugged in is I lose about 50% signal strength otherwise.


  brundle 13:35 05 Jun 2008

There's no need for software for the router itself. Does the CD contain drivers for your wireless hardware?

  brundle 13:35 05 Jun 2008

Can you detect other local wireless networks with the laptop?

  mousee 14:43 05 Jun 2008

Can you detect other local wireless networks with the laptop?


I could find other wireless networks when I was at the IT repair shop, but cannot find any here, my main computer can, I've still got the laptop plugged into the router and the main computer working wireless but it is a lot slower.

  chub_tor 15:26 05 Jun 2008

If the laptop can pick up wireless signals at the IT shop and you haven't accidentally switched off the wireless on the laptop when carrying it home then the fault must be with the wireless part of the router. Would your "local IT man" let you take your router in to see if some of his other machines can pick up a signal from your routere? At least you will be able to eliminate one or t'other.

  mousee 15:32 05 Jun 2008

I had taken my router down there with me, it was plugged in and finding more or less the same connections his router was, the switch for wireless is on the front and out of the way and is still on twice though in the last half hour the machine has shut down and rebooted as it had encountered an error but was not being used at the time.

  chub_tor 17:34 05 Jun 2008

Just to be absolutely clear....
1. At home your laptop can't find your router
2. At the IT shop your laptop can find other routers
3. At the IT shop other machines could pick up your router
4. Question? Did your machine connect to your router at the IT shop?

You can stop the automatic reboot after an error which will give you a chance to see what the error was by Right Clicking on Computer, Select Properties, Click on Advanced System Settings, Startup and Recovery Settings, untick System Failure Automatic restart.

  mousee 19:33 05 Jun 2008

Yes to no 1, if plugged in
Yes to no 2
Yes to no 3
Yes to no 4 but only when plugged in, won't connect wirelessly.


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