Laptop/Notebook Gaming Query

  DixonBainbridge 02:41 17 Jun 2006

Hi all, first post from a bit of a computer noob here. :)

I'm currently looking to purchase a new laptop/notebook. After playing console games for many years, I'm now interested in getting into PC gaming a little bit. I know laptops are gonna be nowhere near desktop performance for gaming, but I need the portability and can't afford to get a desktop too. Therefore I'm trying to find a laptop that can perform reasonably well on games, for a not too extortianate price.

Long story short, I've found a couple that I'm interested in that are just within my budget. The big question I have is: what is more important for running games, outright processor speed or graphics card ability?

Here are the basic specs of the 2 models with regards CPU and graphics card...

1) CPU - Pentium 4 650, 3.4 Ghz, 800Mhz FSB. Card - ATI Mobility Radeon X600, PCI Express x16, 256MB

2) CPU - Intel Dual Core T2500, 2.0 Ghz, 667Mhz FSB. Card - ATI Mobility Radeon X1600, PCI Express, 256MB

Now, I've just cut 'n' pasted those specs from the manufacturers websites, I won't pretend to fully understand what it all means! However, the jist that I can get from it is that one has a fast single-core processor and a rather modest graphics card, and the other has a slower, but dual-core, processor and a better graphics card.

So which combination would be best for getting half-decent performance from modern games? (I'm particularly looking to be playing the likes of racing sims like GTR, GT Legends and Grand Prix 4)

Phew, I don't half waffle on sometimes! Sorry bout that, and thanks in advance for the help. :)

  DixonBainbridge 14:55 17 Jun 2006

Come on guys and gals, I need your help here!! I kinda thought there would be some responses by now. :p

  Mavisk 15:31 17 Jun 2006

The second combination with dual core and the x1600 card is by far the better choice.
What is your budget?.

  DixonBainbridge 19:21 17 Jun 2006

Thanks for the reply, that was kinda what I suspected. :)

My budget is around the £1200 or thereabouts. The laptop with the dual core and the X1600 is an HP nc8430, if that means anything to anyone. It looks like a good overall package, although a teeny bit more than I was planning to spend at £1250. If it's worth though I can stretch the budget to suit.

Does anyone know of any other good gaming-capable laptops in that sort of £1200 price range?

  Mavisk 11:54 18 Jun 2006

I've just bought this one click here
Which I am pleased with,and manages games well.
This is a good site to look at click here
Something like this one click here
is the next step up,if the budget could stretch and would run any game with ease.

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