Laptop/Hard drive security

  gav223 21:48 12 Sep 2011


I am going abroad for a week tomorrow and will be taking me laptop and hard drive with me.

I need to do some work whilst I'm away, so that is why I am taking both.

I do have some important information on both items which I would not want someone having if they got stolen.

Is there a way to password protect both items, so that if they did get stolen they would never be able to get access.


  robin_x 22:14 12 Sep 2011

You can set up an encrypted area on HDD or a flash stick using Truecrypt. With a decent password, only secret services with supercomputers would have a chance of cracking it.

Windows and BIOS passwords stop casual access but easily defeated by computer literati.

Make a backup or image backup of HDD before you go and leave at home.

Setup a Dropbox (max 2GB) or similar free cloud account and keep copies of the files you want to work on in there. (you can access from any PC over the internet.

Note that some thieves will steal your laptop from between your legs, beside you or under seat and you won't even notice. (esp. Spain)

  robin_x 22:17 12 Sep 2011

Oh and don't forget any new passwords. Write them down and keep in wallet.

  gav223 22:21 12 Sep 2011

Hi robinofloxley.

I have a macbook laptop 1 portable hard drive and 1 desktop hard drive.

I am going to put all information from the macbook and the desktop HD on the portable one and then use everything I need from there.

If my laptop gets stolen then I have no issues.

Do you still advise what you stated in the last post.


  robin_x 23:56 12 Sep 2011

Yes I think so. Not quite sure what you are getting at.

Truecrypt and Dropbox available for Mac OSx.

If nothing confidential on Mac you don't need to set up encryption on it. But if the info is on the portable drive, that could get nicked too. So consider encrypting part of the portable drive.

Dropbox is just a backup. Say you lost all your gear in transit. You can still work from inernet cafes, someones office, home etc.

  robin_x 23:57 12 Sep 2011
  gav223 19:31 21 Sep 2011

Thanks very much robinofloxley.

I'm looking at it now.

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