person mcperson 03:43 20 Feb 2004

i have a ibm thinkpad 760EL laptop with a trident display adapter, a 2.1gb harddrive and windows 98. i recently tried to repair a jammed button and suceeded but when i put it back together there was a lot of probelems. the display is to big and only things in the upper left corner show, and my keyboard doesnt work. the battery indicator on the keyboard works fine, but the keys dont. when i press c it enters 2 characters, but thats about it. what do i do????

i need to get it fixed before my parents find out.
thank you soooo much!!!

  Gaz 25 04:05 20 Feb 2004

Sounds like you shouldnt have opened it to me.

Laptops are sensitive and are not to be played with. I have had this problem after spilling a drink on an old laptop, in fact it wasnt me, LOL it was my GirlFirend. LOL Ghrr. Anyway, back to the point it now works after use.

Maybe if you keep trying, the keys will work again. ;-)

Good luck.

  Gaz 25 04:07 20 Feb 2004

Jammed buttons are not that hard to repair, you shouldnt have had to open the case at all.

Anyway. (bit early in the morning mate!!!!) Good luck.


  Gaz 25 04:20 20 Feb 2004

Regarding your display, either you have nudged a Graphics controller, or the bios settings have got wiped.

Ussually there is a setting in the BIOS for fit-screen and all that.

  person mcperson 05:02 20 Feb 2004

i got the diplay to work somehow(there is no bios settings). the mouse also works now to. it turns out there is a slight tear in the keyboard cable that affects 3 wires. once in a while, if i apply pressure in the correct area of the ketboard cable, i can type. how can i fix this tear. also, how can i upgrade my display or at least make it faster.
by the way, i almost killed my self for opening it. i should of waited to go to my uncles house. he is an expert on laptops

  Gaz 25 05:11 20 Feb 2004

You could maybe get a new cable for the keyboard, as your uncle may be able to solder it in for you, it it is a solder fit of course some are plug and play.

Other than that, stickytape my work. LOL

  Gaz 25 05:12 20 Feb 2004

Better get some sleep I had mate.

Good luck anyway! :-)

PS. What do you mean by make the display faster?

  person mcperson 05:23 20 Feb 2004

the keyboard cable appears to be built into the keyboard and unremovable. the cable is a flat ribbon cable and would be extremely difficult to solder.(the wire are tiny). i trid tape and it doesnt work.
about the display, i want to make games run faster.(they run slow in full screen(even 1 mb games!!!))
i cant let my uncle no cuz he will tell my parents. i am soo desperate to get it working. iv only had it for about a month

  Gaz 25 05:33 20 Feb 2004

Games will only run faster if the graphics card is capable, most laptops are not unfortunatly.

On-board graphics is not that good for games.

I build laptops as part of a small business and I cannot see why it is impossible to reapir the cable.

The cables are soldered in on laptops, generally the keyboard clip away.

  Megatyte 05:33 20 Feb 2004

You're going to have to bite the bullet and put your faith in your uncle. There's no way that you are going to repair a ribbon cable yourself. It might even need the keyboard replacing.


  Gaz 25 05:35 20 Feb 2004

If the graphics is mega poor, you could try tweaking it, but as said. Laptops are not designed for games really.

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