Laptop/desktop different broadband speeds

  geraintjo 16:20 16 Mar 2008

I have a lap top connect via wireless which can operate up to 6.0mb. However, my desktop which is cable connected to the router will not exceed 1.8mb. I have checked the cable and it's ok. I have eliminated all progs at startup but still can't get over 1.8mb. Please any advice?

  Tech Guy 19:02 16 Mar 2008

Yes, go wireless ;)

  geraintjo 20:42 16 Mar 2008

Do you really mean link the desktop wireless and do away with the cable link? If so, I've proved that the laptop still gets a high speed if I connect the cable to it so don't see the benefit.

  brundle 11:30 17 Mar 2008

What is telling you that you're getting 1.8Mb/sec - speed tests, download tests?

  geraintjo 12:21 17 Mar 2008

O.K. I'm using DSL connect UK speedtest. I use the same for both the laptop and the desktop. The laptop always comes out best.

  brundle 13:50 17 Mar 2008

And what speed is your broadband connection supposed to be? When you say 1.8/6.0 you mean megabits per second right? Have you tried other speed tests? click here

  geraintjo 15:03 17 Mar 2008

Local Exchange can support in excess of 6MB. Yes I have tried other tests and the results are the same. Laptop faster than Desktop

  brundle 16:25 17 Mar 2008

Do you see different figures when you visit this link with laptop and desktop? click here

  geraintjo 17:20 17 Mar 2008

Not much at present as the speed this time of day is pretty poor. I will try again in the morning early and let you know the results.

  geraintjo 08:26 18 Mar 2008

Did a test this morning - Laptop was 3.92mb and the desktop 1.14mb. This is in line with my normal testing except the laptop has reached 6.0mb.

  geraintjo 07:24 20 Mar 2008

O.K. looks like I've solved something. I did some searching on the web via Tiscali and found DRTCP. Did some tweaking as per program and have increased to just over 3.0mb. The program gives settings for certain aspects but the most important seems to be TCP Receive Window.
Thanks for your help.

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