Laptop wow what about this one?

  FairyWishes 22:58 31 Jan 2006

I'm still on the prowl for a laptop having missed out on the Acer 1692 with spec shown as..

Acer aspire 1692wlmi £699;
Intel® Pentium® M 740 (2MB L2 Cache, 1.73GHz, 533FSB), Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition, 1024MB (2*512) DDRII, 80GB HDD, DVD-Dual RW - Double Layer (slot), 15.4" WXGA Acer CrystalBrite TFT display, ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 with 64 MB intergrated graphics, Gigabit LAN, Integrated Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG, Bluetooth, 8-Cell Li-Ion battery, 4-in-1 card reader, Aspire Arcade, Microsoft® Works

Just come across this one at Toyrus for £748 with Digital Tv tuner and a bundle of softwear wonder what you all think of it and do you know anything about the graphics card?
Just wondered if people in the know could compare the two for me...

£748 with 12 months 0%
Medion Intel Centrino 1.73GHz laptop with 1024MB DDR II memory, 3-in-1 DVD re-writer, CD re-writer and DVD ROM plus digital TV tuner. Intel Centrino mobile technology represents Intel’s latest notebook technologies designed specifically for mobile computing with integrated wireless LAN capability, breakthrough mobile performance while enabling extended battery life.


Processor: Intel Centrino 1.73GHz with 2MB cache and 533MHz FSB.
Memory: Latest 1024MB fast dual channel DDR II memory (2 x 512MB)
Graphics card: Latest Intel graphics media accelerator 900 – up to 128MB. Provides incredible visual quality, versatile display options, and 3D performance – all without the additional cost, noise and power that discrete graphics cards can require
Hard disk drive: 80GB
Modem: 56K V.9 Data/Fax/Modem
Optical drive: DVD re-writer – 2.4x DVD+R Dual Layer, 2x DVD-R Dual Layer, 5x DVD-RAM, 8x DVD+R, 4x DVD+RW, 8x DVD-R, 4x DVD-RW, 24x CD-R, 10x CD-RW
Monitor: 15.4” XGA TFT widescreen (1200 x 800 resolution)
Sound: 2 channel audio
Built-in wireless LAN 802.11G (54 Mbit/s)
TV Tuner: Digital and analogue TV tuner and remote – receive up to 30 Freeview channels (depending on coverage)
Ports: 3x USB 2.0, Firewire (IEEE 1394), VGA monitor out, 10/100 Mbit LAN, Modem port, PCMCIA port (Type II)
Battery life: up to 2.5 hours (depending on usage)
Weight: 2.7kg (including battery)
Software: Microsoft XP Home Edition (Service pack 2), Medion Power Cinema, Power DVD, Power Producer 2 video editing suite and Musicmatch Jukebox, e-Trust Antivirus, Nero 6 CD/DVD burning software, Works 8 including spreadsheet, database, calendar, e-mail and internet tools and My Organiser.


  DamianScott 00:13 01 Feb 2006

They both look ok, you might want to take a look here as well click here

You'll find some laptops below £500.

Happy shopping.


  S444KEE 00:14 01 Feb 2006

I read your previous postings along with others with interest as i too was loking for laptop.....Gateway 6635......ACER 1692WMLi.....etc know the story with these i guess.

MEDION is generally wat you call a BUDGET brand so although the spec is quite good be wary of the build quality and reliability etc.

i ended up ringing around my local TESCO stores and manged to locate an ACER 1692WMLi. In rushing to get it at £748 it was only when i got home that i realised it was only 512mB RAM and not 1024 as thought.

I then rushed the next day (today) to COMET's and bought the ACER 1654WMLi for the virtually same price £749.99. The store price was actually £799 but the web price was honoured. The 1692WMLi will be going back to TESCOs as they have a 28 day return policy.

This way i get a 2 Gig processor and 1024 DDRII RAM memory. Think about it.....why get 1.7 processor on 1692 model when you can have 2gigs for same price. The only other difference is that the graphics card comes down a level but it's still a dedicated 128mb and i lose firewire, infrared, bluetooth, s-video out port and card reader. Most of these can be added though through the USB ports and CCL computers are selling a USB 32-in-1 card reader for under a £10!!!!!!

I recommend you go for the ACER 1654WMLi and looks are superb!

NOTE although model numbers of ACERs are same the specs do vary from retailer to retailer. CCL have the model for £799 but you get 100gig hard disk as opposed to 80 gig from COMET. I'd stick with COMET.

Good Luck

  FairyWishes 00:34 01 Feb 2006

Many Thanks for that i had previously looked at the Acer 1654 but was worried it was a lesser model then the Acer 1692 although the graphics card is a lesser one its acutally a 128mb dedicated memory card where as the comet Acer 1692 is a 64mn shared according to comet.

I too had rushed around tescos seaching for it and yor right its only a 512mb so i didn't buy it..

I have been offered the 1692 wlmi from a comet store for £629 but its ex display the sales guy says its in immaculate condition but i am worried about buying it after someone told me not to touch ex displays as they end up havnig shot keyboards.

So what would i be missing if i went for the 1654 as aposed to the 1692?

  S444KEE 23:22 01 Feb 2006

I think COMET are wrong on the Shared VIDEO memory just like they incorrectly state the DVD is not dual layer on the 1654 on their web site. Both have dedicated 128mb RAM

The 1692 has more output ports but these can be added - some relatively cheaply, on the 1654 by use of the USB ports. You're missing on the firewire, bluetooth, infrared, s-video out and card reader on the 1654 so it seems the 1692 is more of a machine geared towards multimedia applications. You need to decide how important these ports are for your everyday use. The 1692 has a slot disc whereas the 1654 has the good old fashioned coffee cup holder!

The 512mb RAM on the TESCO 1692 seems to be only DDR whilst the COMET 1654 has 1024mb of DDR11 type. The latter is apparently less power hungry so longer battery life.

The big plus is a bigger 2Gig processor and more RAM on the 1654. You seem to still have WiFi and the rest of the other features on the 1692.

All things considering i would still advise the 1654 but i am now offering a biased view because i have one It is rather good though and i'm sure alot lot better than a MEDION. Did you know ACER was the fastest growing LAPTOP supplier in europe with sales outstripping DELL, Toshiba, SONY etc.

The ex-display model from COMET seems like a very tempting price for the 1692 BUT it depends on who's been 'poking' it and what system settings might have been upset by 'joe public'. Will the store do a factory reset for you or leave it as it is before they ship it to you? I doubt they'll reset it because ACER machines don't come with a restore disk. The user has the option to make a restore disk on first boot-up and do you think the sales guy bothered to do this when he put the machine out to display?.

I know if i was going to spend alot of money on a new product i'd want to open the packing myself and be confident that nothing was going to be missing from the packing.

Go know it makes sense. BUY BUY ACER!

  S444KEE 23:43 01 Feb 2006

WHAT LAPTOP magazine gave the ACER 1652WMLi a gold award recently.......the 1654 is the same machine with higher spec.

1652 has 1.7Gig processor and the model on test had only 512mb RAM so i guess the 1654 deserves 2 gold!

  De Marcus™ 23:52 01 Feb 2006

"ACER machines don't come with a restore disk"

The 1692WLMI did from comet, 3 disks in total.

Whatever choice you make fairywishes my advice would be to look at what you want to achieve, for word processing, internet, photo editing, etc, all the machines you've been advised of are more than adequate, if your not into gaming don't give the graphics card a second thought. If you are then your going to need to increase your budget a little, those that got the 1692WLMI from comet were lucky, they got a great deal on an end of product line.

Anyway the point is, go on dip your toes in the water, buy the one that's currently top of your list or you may find your self in an endless loop of 'damn it, which one should I buy?'

You'll never know till you do.

  Skills 00:18 02 Feb 2006

I had one of the medion laptops from toyrus once the build quality wasnt very good it was a well spec'd machine but as I say not very well built and was glitchy at best.

Personally I would look elsewhere

  FairyWishes 01:09 02 Feb 2006

Ok i will steer clear of the medions then :0) thanks for letting me know...

The prob is when you find a exactly what you want at the price you want to pay but then miss out on the deal by days its hard to then go ahead and buy something else you feel that your always chasing that great deal.
My biggest prob is i'm unlikely to actually change this laptop prob for a good 5 years believe it or not so i wanted it to do most things...
Going up a higher bracket i can understand if its a main comp but i already have a main desktop cmoputer this is just a second one for me...

But i do s love my god deals what started out as a 300-500 has turned into a £699 and i could just scream about missing the deal... <<smacks self in head again>>

The 1692 the shop is awaiting an adapter from acer as ity had been swiped out of the box at first he didn't know if it had indeed even been on the shop floor and wondered if the plug had just been swiped but then he found the secuity tag on so knew it had been out..
He said its in imaculate condition just has a slight mark wher the security tab was but it would come off...
It has a full years guarentee but i am worried now about the keyboard even tho he said that and the screen was fine i'm worried after what people have been saying.. :0(

<<sighs>> is there anyway of teling if there is a prob with the keyboard?

If only a boxed brand new one would miraculously apear for £699 :0(

  Skills 17:18 07 Feb 2006

I know what you mean about getting a good deal but unforuntately whatever you buy give it a month and you'll see something better for the same money or less.

Have a look on ebuyer click here they have a few in your price range that look well spec'd including a few acers.

  Skills 17:21 07 Feb 2006

Personally Id be a bit wary of buying an ex demo model all those sticky fingers that have be messing around on it. If any of them are like me as well then it would have been moved about to look at the various ports on it as well.

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