Laptop won't turn on but will after about an hour...

  wrsam95 17:32 20 May 2015

So this laptop doesn't turn on straight away for some reason, the LED power button lights up, the fans spin and the cap lock LED flashes 6 times and the disc drive makes a wierd ticking noise but no display on the screen.

After about an hour, the laptop turns on like nothing was ever wrong. Does anyone have any idea why this happens?

Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:03 20 May 2015

and the disc drive makes a wierd ticking noise

back up your data immediately and buy a new drive.

  bumpkin 20:09 20 May 2015

*a wierd ticking noise *

Hard drive failing back up immediately as Fruit Bat says.

  bumpkin 20:23 20 May 2015

A weird clicking noise is usually a symptom of imminent hard drive failure and would accout for your slow boot up also. If you have not already done so then get anything of importance onto a backup now if you still have the chance.

  wrsam95 00:59 21 May 2015

So its a problem with the harddrive?

  northumbria61 05:50 21 May 2015


  Secret-Squirrel 08:15 21 May 2015

"............the disc drive makes a wierd ticking noise.......After about an hour, the laptop turns on like nothing was ever wrong."

Does the ticking noise stop when the laptop eventually starts behaving normally?

  wrsam95 19:31 21 May 2015

Yes it does ^

  bumpkin 21:03 21 May 2015

That is another indication of a failing drive.

  bumpkin 21:17 21 May 2015

The clicking noise is caused by the arm contantly trying to find the boot data. When or if it finally does then it is able to boot up. Once running it will appear OK as it will now be reading or writing to other sectors on the disk. Run CHKDSK for starters, type it at command prompt as administrator.

  Secret-Squirrel 22:42 21 May 2015

wrsam95, if you're certain that it's your hard disc drive that's making that noise then I'm not convinced it's failing. I'm familiar with the hard drive "click of death" but the clicks don't stop because the drive has failed catastrophically and the computer's startup would halt with a BIOS error message.

Also, I don't see how a failing drive would cause the caps lock LED to flash and cause the display to be black.

Yours is obviously a hardware problem and my hunch is that there's a dry solder joint somewhere - probably on the motherboard. When the laptop warms up the metal components expand and proper contact is restored and everything works fine - until you turn it off and it cools down again.

Don't forget to backup your data just in case.

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