Laptop won't start up anymore

  Brian2001 15:08 30 Jul 2006

After a thunderstorm the other day, my friends new laptop will not power on anymore.
It was switched off at the time but still plugged into the mains with a surge protector.
I fear the worst but is there anything we can do?

  phono 15:26 30 Jul 2006

Have you, or your friend, any reason to suspect there was a Lightning strike on the mains supply during the storm? As far as I know a surge protector is only designed to smooth out surges on the domestic mains supply and would not protect from lightning, for that you would need a lightning arrester.

The most likely way damage would have been caused is via the telephony circuitry, was the laptop plugged into the telephone line during the storm?

  FelixTCat 15:32 30 Jul 2006


First, check the fuse on the mains plug - if it's blown and the battery has run down, that would explain it. Many mains units have a small LCD in them to show power.

Second, if the mains power unit is OK, plug it in and let the laptop battery charge for a while - if it is very low, the laptop may not start up.

Third, will the laptop start up if you plug it into the mains without the battery? Maybe the battery is shot.



  Brian2001 15:35 30 Jul 2006

The laptop was not connected to the telephone line as they have a wireless router.

  phono 15:51 30 Jul 2006

Do you have a multimeter or any way of testing that the PSU is working? Does the laptop have any LED or LCD displays that light up when you attempt to switch on or does it appear to be totally dead?

It may just be a total coincidence and the laptop or PSU may have become defective in some way, have you tried FelixTCat's suggestions with regards to using the battery to power the laptop?

  Brian2001 16:20 30 Jul 2006

Thanks for the suggestions. I will pass those on.

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