laptop wont start

  Jaro 23:07 03 Jul 2007

hi,my laptop hp omnibook 6000 will not start i hoped you would be able to help. its simple it will not start at all it will not go through the post as well you can only hear like the HD or cd rom try to start and than nothing the CD Rom is working i mean you can only open it. i thing its CPU but maybe its some else .i have tested HD in different laptop and it works fine. i really do not know. would it be cpu fan? i have noticed once when laptop started that the fan kicked in as well so maybe its fan that is faulty and that's why laptop wont start. if you have any ideas please feel free and write some i will try any other suggestions. o yes i forgot to mention why it all started it was because my little niece dropped it couple times on the floor :) no joke true.

  [email protected] 23:13 03 Jul 2007

not a techy suggestion but have you checked your home insurance for accidental damage,dropping once isnt very good at all but twice..

  woodchip 23:16 03 Jul 2007

Try taking the Battery out and just Mains plugged in, as battery if faulty can stop it booting. i have not used my battery since getting the laptop, it's only plugged in when I go away on holiday

  Jaro 23:34 03 Jul 2007

thank you for suggestion will try that. anything else i could try if battery is ok?

  Jaro 23:35 03 Jul 2007

its not the battery i just tried any other suggestions please ?

  Jaro 23:36 03 Jul 2007

tell it to little girl :)

  woodchip 23:38 03 Jul 2007

Only other thing Without taking it to the shop, Take the Hard Drive out then Refite it, as it may have got tarnish on connections. should be about two screws that hold it in at the side or at the bottom

  [email protected] 23:40 03 Jul 2007

jaro i know what you mean,my little girl did exactly the same thing!
she still doesnt get it why dad wont let her use it,
i was lucky no damage done
good luck

  Jaro 23:50 03 Jul 2007

ok thank you very much for your help guys i will try that trick with HD who knows maybe ... and i will post back tomorrow im going to bed now. good night

  Jaro 22:52 04 Jul 2007

still no avail will go to church and pray maybe it will help or maybe just throw it to the wall would help :)

  postie24 14:24 24 Aug 2007

Hi everyone,turned laptop on this morning and it wont boot up.
Power light comes on,a 2 second hard drive activity and then nothing.
Tried it with battery out but still nothing.
Took hard drive out and reseated,still nothing
Think hard drive has failed,but anyone got any more ideas please.

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