laptop wont recgonise wireless router.

  sausageroll 17:22 01 Dec 2005

help me please!!! ive bought a new router today, im running it on a telewest cable broadband connection and the soul purpose of me buying it was so i could connect to the net via my laptop. my laptop has wireless technolodgy, yet its failing to pickup nething from the router, please someone give me some advice before i smash the bledy thing up!

  sausageroll 17:31 01 Dec 2005

someone must know something!?

  sausageroll 17:47 01 Dec 2005

basically my laptop is not getting a signal, its a wireless one but im prehaps thinking it mite need a network card? (even though it has a wireless one built in)

  woodchip 17:48 01 Dec 2005

have you got the correct router for cable? if you have then you should load the address you have in a web browser as IE in the address bar mine is not cable but should be same to get to the setup page my address is But mine is a Wireless router Modem for BT line. Your address may differ

  sausageroll 17:51 01 Dec 2005

sorry to be a retard woodchip, but im not very technical with computers lol could you please give me that in an easier to understand way if possble?! this thing is driving me nuts

  sausageroll 17:52 01 Dec 2005

and yes i do have the correct router, i just dont understand about the internet explorer address part.

  woodchip 17:56 01 Dec 2005

Open Internet Explorer. the in the Address bar like hear above where you see the red PCA icon type the address number just as they have given you with the router. it is a specific number and you have to put it in just as it says, then press enter key

  sausageroll 17:58 01 Dec 2005

will that work, even if my laptop doesnt recognise a signal from it?

  woodchip 17:58 01 Dec 2005

PS you need to connect to the router first with a ETHERNET wire. To run the setup above. after you can remove wire when you have setup router and laptop

  sausageroll 18:01 01 Dec 2005

ok well i only have enough ethernet cables to connect my modem to the router and the router to the pc, is there another way of doin it?

  woodchip 18:05 01 Dec 2005

That's all you need, If you are using a Desktop PC that is connected by Ethernet to Router. You use that to setup the router as above. The settings as to be same on Laptop As router SSID Password etc.

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