Laptop wont reboot from recovery disks

  hawthorn59 20:55 09 Oct 2007


Im writing this from a loan laptop. I have a HP pavillion 6000 just a year old. It didnt have any disks with it, so I made 3 DVD recovery disks. About 6 months ago I reformatted the hard drive, and rebooted from the disks, and all went well.

Then the network card failed and I had to send it back to HP in Wales. The replaced it, possibly put in a new motherboard ( I think) and all was well again.

recently I bought a new larger hard drive, and asked my nephew (who works in the shop where I bought it) to install it. It wont reboot and he got this message:

The PC recovery disks do not support this PC Model.

He took the hard disk back and indeed it was faulty. So tonight he arrived armed with TWO new hard disks! But we get the same message again.

What can have happened? When HP did the repair could they have changed something...???



  I am Spartacus 21:14 09 Oct 2007

Does it still work with the original hard disk?

The comment about OEM versions at click here may be relevant.

  SANTOS7 21:22 09 Oct 2007

Error: These PC recovery discs do NOT support this PC model
This error can occur when using recovery discs that were made for another HP or Compaq computer. Also, on more rare occasions, this error can occur when data on the hard drive was not properly configured at the factory.
To correct this error, obtain the correct recovery discs from HP .
NOTE: If this error occurs with a set of recovery discs created from the same PC or from discs that were sent by HP, contact HP to receive a replacement set.

click here#

the link may help, i think best way forward is to contact the place where your lappy was repaired and explain what has happened,they may be able to advise you further...

  woodchip 22:01 09 Oct 2007

Drive size may make a difference. it needs to be the same size Mabe

  woodchip 22:03 09 Oct 2007

Make of drive may also effect it. I just got a HP Laptop. I think the Drive is an Hitachi

  lezperez 22:15 09 Oct 2007

This happened to me. Have a freeline, no discs so had to create 3 recovery discs. Motherboard and hard drive died, replaced them. Switched on and got the same error. Apparently its because the recovery disc knows its a different mobo/hdd so it thinks its another computer. So it won't recover. I tried complaining to the guy in pcworld. he said there was nothing he could do. I had to get a copy of XP and re-install everything myself. Hope this helps.

  woodchip 22:19 09 Oct 2007

This is where Acronis true image would have saved the day

  hawthorn59 03:00 10 Oct 2007

Yes I would say you are all correct; the different HD probably caused the problem. Anyway the guy just installed XP for me from another disk, and i had everything i needed backed up.

Though I did lose Media Centre, and some nice music tracks, and a few other things. However I never used media centre anyway.

It does raise another point though; I do remember some years ago upgrading a hard disk too, and there was no problem because the pc came with the disks. Now they dont, and you have to make them yourself. But before, I definitely had no problem, even with a new H Drive. it was a few years ago, mind you one would think we would be improving things instead of getting worse...!


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