Laptop won't get past boot screens

  phil 00:18 18 Jan 2009

On starting up my laptop is going into the screen that gives you the option of starting normally, safe mode, starting with network support etc.

I can select 'Start normally' and it then loads up the Windows splash screen then goes back to the previous screen.

If I select Safe Mode it runs through the list of essential files then goes back to the original choices screen.

Everytime it does this I can hear a knock from inside the lappie and sometimes I get a nanosecond glimpse of the dreaded blue screen but I can't get to read it. It's just too fast.

I have tried to pause it but it's not working.

This has all started after I tried to remove some malware - Internet Antivirus Pro.

I downloaded something called 'Rogue_Fix.bat' and 'MalwareBytes Anti-Malware' software.

I was supposed to start in Safe Mode to run the Rogue Fix but when I pressed F8 the laptop beeped and the problem started.

I'm seriously thinking f$%ked up here. Would I be right?

  rdave13 01:03 18 Jan 2009

Yes. Use your restore disc or discs which you were prompted to burn when you got the laptop. If you didn't burn those discs try tapping F11 or F10 at bootup. Depending on your lappy this will bring you to the partition that will either offer a repair of the operating system or to restore to factory settings.
This is assuming you haven't deleted that restore partition.
You'll lose all your documents by doing this.

  phil 01:20 18 Jan 2009

No. Tried that just and all I got was the alarm beep again then straight to the startup screens.

I can get into the bios and that's about it.

  mocha 08:26 18 Jan 2009

Hi phil,

Depending on your make of laptop and what operating system you are running will govern the sequence of key presses you use to start your partition recovery. For instance a Dell laptop recovery startup is :- When the Dell splash screen appears during startup, press <Ctrl> + <F11> and release them at the same time.

You should find this sequence in your handbook or on the relevant makers website, usually in the support section.

  phil 11:09 18 Jan 2009

Hi Mocha.

The lappie is branded as an Avantek and is an educational model. After a bit of investigation the numbers on the base - 1556/MS2137 - refer to an AOPEN laptop.

As of now I cannot find the recovery discs but from the AOPEN website I downloaded the PDF and that tells me that the only way in is to use the recovery disc that I should have made. Problem is that it was supplied, as is, by Avantek 3 years ago.

I've just tried a known dodgy XP install disc and it got as far as the partion instructions so I closed it down knowing that at least it will run something. So it must be an operating system fault and not a hard drive one.

If all else fails then I'll try to get hold of a brand new kosher XP disc and re-install.

If any former student has one of these I'd gratefully borrow a start-up disc off you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:57 18 Jan 2009

As long as your "dodgy disk" is the same model of XP as the one on the laptop i.e both XP home then do a repair.
Repair XP by install over the top of existing system

1. Boot the computer using the XP CD. You may need to change the boot order in the system BIOS so the CD boots before the hard drive. Check your system documentation for steps to access the BIOS and change the boot order.

2. When you see the "Welcome To Setup" screen, you will see This portion of the Setup program prepares Microsoft Windows XP to run on your computer:

To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER.

To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R.

To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3.

3. Press Enter to start the Windows Setup.

To setup Windows XP now and Repair Install , press ENTER.

DO NOT choose "To repair a Windows XP installation using the Recovery Console, press R", (you Do Not want to load Recovery Console).

4. Accept the License Agreement and Windows will search for existing Windows installations.

5. Select the XP installation you want to repair from the list and press R to start the repair.

6. Setup will copy the necessary files to the hard drive and reboot.

Do not press any key to boot from CD when the message appears.

Setup will continue as if it were doing a clean install, but your applications and settings will remain intact.

Repair XP
click here

  phil 13:21 18 Jan 2009

I've done as suggested but the Setup failed to find any op system to repair.

I followed the advice on the link you gave and used the recovery console to initiate 'bootcfg'

That gave me a few options including 'chkdsk' and that gave me the warning that the disc had errors.

I then tried the 'bootcfg /rebuild' option and that said there was no operating system to repair.

I fear the worst now.

  phil 19:56 18 Jan 2009

That was well weird and I had no reason to worry.

After I tried the bootcfg/rebuild option and came up with a negative answer I just shut the lappie down and left it.

Later on a mate came round and he switched it on to see the problem and it booted up normally and ran.

I'm assuming that the rebuild option DID work and Microsoft are just having a laff.

Still has the malware on it though so it's off to an expert tomorrow to sort out. I am not going to risk going into Safe mode again.

Thanks for all the help Guys.

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