Laptop - Won't boot - Suspected data corruption.

  Bobly 09:36 08 Nov 2006

Okay so here's what I know.
Last night I put my laptop into hibernation, everything does fine.
This morning, I go to turn it on and get an error message along the line of "Disk read error, cannot resume hibernation, would you like to delete this saved hibernation and reboot?"
That seemed fine to me, nothing was running when I hibernated it...
Computer reboots, gets to Windows loading window... And just stays there for about 2 full minutes.
I then get a glimpse at the blue screen of death before it reboots again.
Same error continuously.
I try it in safe mode, doesn't work, get's to loading driver/mup.sys I think it's called, and then same thing...
I first thought it might be a faulty connection between the connector and the hard drive so I took out and replaced the hard drive but this had no effect.

I am thinking this might be due to some kind of data corruption when Windows deleted the hibernation file, or possibly something else. I have access to a second computer to download software and my OEM discs (Alienware).

I'm going to try system repairs this afternoon, which files do system repairs overwrite?

Does anybody know a decent Linux version that can be run from a disc and can analyze problems on a Windows installation, Test the Hard Drive and/or access a Windows network to back up files?

All help appreciated.

  xania 10:47 08 Nov 2006

If you're working with XP, why not try pressing <F8> and loading last version that successfully loaded. Otherwise, I suspect that your wisest approach would be to allow the system to attempt a repair (insert install DVD and select the repair option).
I would certainly not advise copying files from another system, as many will be system dependent. At best just waste time, at worst generate even more problems.

  Bobly 11:05 08 Nov 2006

I tried last working version. Didn't work.

I'll attempt to repair now, though I'm skeptical.

I didn't want to over-write system files but boot from a disc to another operating system and use that to backup files form the hard drive to another computer.

I ran the recovery console and chkdsk found an error but was unable to repair it (found unrecoverable errors). Fixboot also was unable to repair the boot file and fixmbr wasn't recognised as a command.
I'm going to attempt repair and see how that goes.

Any advice?

  woodchip 11:27 08 Nov 2006

If you have a XP CD. Start with the CD at the Prompt Type fixmbr. This will not work with a Restore CD

  Bobly 14:11 08 Nov 2006

I have an OEM XP CD, will that work?

I also have a Ubuntu Live CD which I'm going to boot from and try to backup files with to another computer. Can a Ubuntu system access a windows network and share files? Can it access an FTP server set up on a Windows computer?

Another question, if I put the XP OEM installer disc and get to the menu R to get to recovery console, enter to install and quit to leave, I choose install, F8 to accept the terms and then while detecting if their is another system installed it doesnt detect the old XP so doesn't offer to repair it. Seeing as I can't repair I get to the basic "Choose a partition to install XP to". If I choose the partition that XP is currently on will it overwrite my Program Files and Documents and Settings folders? I am trying to avoid loosing these files...

  woodchip 18:07 08 Nov 2006

Yes OEM should do fine, If you do that you will have two XP's on your computer. Check this out click here

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